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Eating breakfast outside on the decking this morning was grrrreat!  Not only cos it was outside, but also cos I’m just so thankful for my housemate (not just because she’s the reason I get to hang out in a house like this…).

A “game” of tennis (very funny), a HOT shower in the rain-like shower and an impromptu barbeque…


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What a cracker of a day!   Great weather, I mean.  A difficult day otherwise, really.  A thankful moment for finding my wallet hadn’t been dropped in the forest, but was under my car seat!  Then a grateful return to hang out with my housemate and a tongue-in-cheek cruise on the prom.

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Well, this is it… The day that makes a farce of my ‘365’.  The anomaly of the 29th of February which means that I should actually call this my ‘366’.

A somewhat unobtrusive day where I enjoyed the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee in escape from the rain, a chance to propose (in jest I hasten to add) and an enjoyable dinner with a family from church.  Topped off with a date with Mr Darcy.

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Its kind of ridiculous, but somehow walking along the Giant’s Causeway being almost lifting off my feet by the wind and being smacked in the face by hail and snow was the greatest thing in a while!  What a day, what weather, what a place to live!

A dinner of fajitas cooked by someone else’s fair hand, some banter with church folk and then the return of my housemate.

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Student Sunday seemed to go really well today.  Its great to expose churches to students and vice-versa!  Each always end up excited by the enthusiasm of the other and its generally lovely.  Hanging out with some students after who I hadn’t really spent much time with before was great too.  A sunny day on the coast being enjoyed by lots of people in a very holiday-time atmosphere was grrrrrrreat too!

A girly pampering and early to bed.

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I led a reflection and praise time this morning.  Something I hadn’t done in a while and something I hadn’t been looking forward to.  Things like that can leave you totally vulnerable and emotionally/spiritually naked before others and that’s… hard.  I know that God was working, though, and I guess that’s a good thing and so in some senses its a highlight.  But also… ouch.


Snow covered fields on a road I’ve never driven.  Then a good chat with a friend who is often quite quiet – knowing she’s really starting to settle in and that I’m glad she’s around.

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A much-needed lie-in (later somewhat diminished by a late night justified only by a great selection of cheese and some awesome port) and a potter around the shops.  Christmas shopping in a small town is just so much less hassle-y, its lovely.  Except it woulda skinned yeh.

A night spent in alone – unwelcome at first but it was actually great.  Apart from the fact that Leon beat Rhydian.  I’m disturbed that I care.  So much so I even voted twice for the strangely attractive Welshman. 


These are scary things to admit – port and boy-next-door welshmen… hmmm… I wonder did my birthday actually tip me over the other side of the hill, or is it just that only young people think those things are indicative of crinkly-hood…?

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twenty and one

Walked along Portstewart Strand tonight and chatted with a friend.  This was great for several reasons…

1. Walking a pitch-dark beach at night on your own may be fun, but its not smart.  So, I’ve not done it in a while.

2. The weather was kinda that mix between mild and brisk, where you’ve been smart enough to wear ample clothing and so feel warm, but not too sweaty from the exercise AND the wind is blowing enough to whip your hair back from your face without freezing your nose to the point of being unaware of drippage.

3. I got the chance to get to know more about my friend (who I also hadn’t seen in a while).

4. I got to tell the full story of my busy-but-incredibly-fun-etc summer, thus sharing the joy and reminding myself of it!

5. I was reminded of the privilege of living on the North Coast.

So, that was all good – and actually maybe even better because it sprang from an afternoon where I felt totally stressed out.

All topped off with the cherry of quality time with housemates.

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I went horseriding today!!  Such fun to discover that having a live animal between your legs isn’t as scary as it sounds!  Although I’m pretty sure I’d have been in trouble without the ten year old girl leading my horse… heheheheheheheheh…  Well – if I’d been plonked on the back of a horse at age four, I’d have no fear either…

But anyway, there I was trotting along on my horsey, Rocky, on a misty but quite mild october day, just enjoying being outside on… well, my horsey!  Yeah, it was great!

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Sitting outside on a mild October day with a coffee and good chat, feeling tired but knowing it was worth it.

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