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Awwww!  A wee day out to witness and celebrate the wedding of my friends to each other!  So glad I ended up being there after all; seeing their special day and also catching up and hanging out (and stripping the willow a little) with a lovely assortment of friends!  getting to tinkle the ivories in front of an open fire whilst people chatted and mingled was really nice too!

Oh, and there was this beautiful moment where a daddy was lifting and twirling around his daughter who was wearing a very pretty flower-girl dress – she looked like she was flying.  A moment of sweet remembrance of being little.

I also got to help compose some text messages from my friend to his new love interest!  Don’t tell him I told you though…

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Hurrah for new people joining blogland!

Today I met the delightful grandchildren of a couple from church.  Four of them: three boys and a girl, aged between 14 and 22.  Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen siblings get along like they did.  No beastly banter, no picking on the baby girl of the family, no rude ungratefulness to the grandparents…  Only good chat and pleasantness.  It was great to meet them.  And discuss worship-leading with the oldest (who loves his CU – yessss!).

The warmth of a real fire.

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I curled up on the sofa and watched The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe this afternoon – what a great show.  Think I’ll read the series again soon.

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A lazy afternoon tucked up on the sofa with hot water bottle and blanket watching the latest Harry Potter flick.  Discovering a box of Thornton’s Continental in my mum’s fridge.  The illicit thrill of stolen chocolate…


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This may seem ridiculous to some…

I was walking from Central to South buildings on campus today down the covered walkway which is affectionately known as the ‘wind tunnel’.  Staggering towards the door (because of the wind, not from any ingested bevvies) to south building which was still closing from a previous entry, I noticed a little brown Autumn leaf sneaking inside out of the cold.

 Now, those of you who love science, will no doubt tell me it was a suction effect to do with displacement of air or something, but I like to think he (and his friends already inside) was simply too cold to pass up the opportunity of taking up a spot on the warmer side of the glass door.  I certainly was…

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Talking over coffee (and chocolate eclairs – the cream kind) in a warm cosy kitchen with an older friend.  Isn’t it funny how many 365 posts revolve around food??!?


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Thirty Already??

I got to read a bedtime story (well, 3!) to a freshly showered, pyjama-ed and dressing-gowned snuggly 3 year old.  Being the baby of my family, I never got that opportunity and so appreciate it now.  Before you think I’m getting all broody, I have to say that I was also thankful that I’m not there just yet.  Still faaaaaaar too selfish!

Also enjoyed the “I’m addicted to blogworld” banter with Colin and Joanna after the kiddies had gone to bed.  And going home with two fresh novels to read.

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A ‘Hearty Lunch’ with my adopted church family. There was a lovely warm atmosphere that comes from long term friendship.  I’m looking forward to becoming more and more part of that.  Plus – the soup was AMAZING.

Later on I snuggled down onto the sofa and watched some Party of Five.  The house was so cosy and yummily snug!

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Waking up after a night’s sleep with a hot water bottle – having not woken up cold in the middle of the night!  Fresh bread – picked up still warm from the oven.  Finding an excuse for buying flowers: Happy “its been a while” Day!  Discovering another friend has also begun a 365 journey.  Feeling like a Northern Irish Trailblazer…

Ooooooo! PLUS… I get an extra hour in bed thanks to the genius who invented Daylight Savings. 

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twenty and one

Walked along Portstewart Strand tonight and chatted with a friend.  This was great for several reasons…

1. Walking a pitch-dark beach at night on your own may be fun, but its not smart.  So, I’ve not done it in a while.

2. The weather was kinda that mix between mild and brisk, where you’ve been smart enough to wear ample clothing and so feel warm, but not too sweaty from the exercise AND the wind is blowing enough to whip your hair back from your face without freezing your nose to the point of being unaware of drippage.

3. I got the chance to get to know more about my friend (who I also hadn’t seen in a while).

4. I got to tell the full story of my busy-but-incredibly-fun-etc summer, thus sharing the joy and reminding myself of it!

5. I was reminded of the privilege of living on the North Coast.

So, that was all good – and actually maybe even better because it sprang from an afternoon where I felt totally stressed out.

All topped off with the cherry of quality time with housemates.

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