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One of the laziest days I’ve had in forever… I watched a veritable marathon of Gilmore Girls Season 3.  Sad, huh?  But I loved the sheer indolence of it all!  Hurray for Saturdays!

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A day off!!! 

I survived my exercise class, for such things I am thankful!  I did get a fit of giggles whilst trying to ‘upper cut’ and right kick.  We look sooooooo ridiculous.  Particularly this one woman in front of me.  I am thankful that although my athletic prowess leaves much to be desired, I have a sense of rhythm…

A chance to sit and watch the last 25 minutes of Jurassic Park!  Hardly a classic, but good memories abound!


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A breakfast with someone from church who I don’t currently know very well but hope to get to know.  Encouraged by her enthusiasm to chat and an unnoticed two hours passing.

I have been so productive in the last 24 hours that I’m incredibly proud of myself!  I’ve tidied my room, done three loads of washing, vacuumed and washed floors, done some shopping, seen my mum…  Actually probably for your average person that isn’t particularly surprising, but for me that is impressive.  Maybe I am a grown up (aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh)!!!

I got an email this avo from a friend I met in the summer.  It reminded me about how much empathy can help and how amazing it is that God is gracious and accepts us not because we’re any good, but because Jesus is.  I guess it strikes me just now that that really isn’t just a self-abasing ‘good Christian’ comment, but that actually sometimes my motives are just plain CRAP and there’s no hiding it.  Its also just nice that we’ve kept in touch!

And on a similar note… an evening spent in front of the telly having a good ole slagging sesh… 😉

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Being able to sit in my living room while I work!  Not making a habit of it though – far too dangerous!

An unexpected excuse to meet a student.

Loving, loving LOVING House Season One – only 2 episodes left!

A church ‘curry night’.  A good meal with an opportunity to feel more relaxed around church people

(I’m soooooooo in denial about how much I have to do in the next three days)

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A much-needed lie-in (later somewhat diminished by a late night justified only by a great selection of cheese and some awesome port) and a potter around the shops.  Christmas shopping in a small town is just so much less hassle-y, its lovely.  Except it woulda skinned yeh.

A night spent in alone – unwelcome at first but it was actually great.  Apart from the fact that Leon beat Rhydian.  I’m disturbed that I care.  So much so I even voted twice for the strangely attractive Welshman. 


These are scary things to admit – port and boy-next-door welshmen… hmmm… I wonder did my birthday actually tip me over the other side of the hill, or is it just that only young people think those things are indicative of crinkly-hood…?

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I curled up on the sofa and watched The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe this afternoon – what a great show.  Think I’ll read the series again soon.

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A lazy afternoon tucked up on the sofa with hot water bottle and blanket watching the latest Harry Potter flick.  Discovering a box of Thornton’s Continental in my mum’s fridge.  The illicit thrill of stolen chocolate…


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Day 2 – Five

Getting the season one box set of Party of Five and revelling in the fact that I’m now old enough to decide what I can and cannot watch on TV… Enjoying being a grown up, rather than buying into the pessimism of ‘Oh I’m getting so old’. Grow old gracefully? Yes please!

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