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At the wedding of a former colleague and great friend.  Beautiful day.  The whole day was full of stories – “this one time in Peru…”, “when she was young…”, “when we first met…”  Stories are our true language.

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Today’s tale is this…

I’ve been raising funds to go to France (a whole other story!) for what feels like forever (and a whole other story there too!).  Today was decision day – the Irish Council were meeting to decide if I had enough support in place to get the go ahead.  Ideally, monthly support levels would be at 100% but it is a recognised fact that people often sign up once they hear news from the actual field, so it was said that if I had 85%, the director would recommend that they’d let me go, if I had 80% he recommend they’d think about letting me go.

So momentum has been gathering and prayer has been mounting etc etc.  The total on Friday was 80%, Saturday 82%, Sunday 83.5%… Creeping up, creeping up!  Friday’s prayer request was that we’d get 3 gifts of £25/month to bring us up to the desired 85%.

Then Monday came.

The discovery that some of the gifts I had counted as non-gift aided actually would receive gift aid, plus news of another few monthly gifts meant that my total shot up to 87%!!!  Incredible news… it felt like a sure thing.

Then Tuesday came.

The discovery that the monthly target was wrong and we actually needed an extra £140/month on top of what we thought.  Eugh.  Crashed right down to 82%.  Its funny how the circumstances change our perspective on a situation!!!

However… and this is the real tale… a matter of hours before the meeting began, our Friday prayer was answered – not by 3 x £25, but by 1 x £25 and 1 x £50!  The timing of receiving those forms was down to the wire but above all it was extraordinary.

God is a great story writer.

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Just spent the night speaking to teens about Daniel.  Great bunch, great dynamics, great drama, great God.  Loved it, loved it, loved it!  I got the chance to sing a couple of my songs and hear them beg for my myspace details (they’re only young – they don’t know any better, bless em!).  They totally LOVED acting out the stories, did it really well and seemed to grasp the actual application of it all.  I thought that working with students would have put me off teens, but nope!

Another whiff of recording opportunities…  Watch this (my) space!

I LOVE the blogosphere.  Its geeky, naval-gazingish (or nombrilleux pour ceux qui parlent francais) and downright time-consuming, but I LOVE it.  Tonight (when I should be wrapping and packing and sleeping), I read posts that made me laugh, cry and hope all over again.

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I actually played Bingo tonight!!!  I found a ridiculous sense of pleasure when he called ‘all the eights, eighty-eight’ cos I knew that I’d be able to use it in my blog for yesterday!  Also a ridiculous sense of disappointment when he didn’t say ‘legs eleven, number eleven’.  The whole bingo caller thing reminds me of an end of uni year girly trip with two good friends over to Alton Towers.  We spent a whole evening saying things like ‘Me and You, fifty twoooo!’.  One of those things that we nearly wet our pants over for hours that no-one else will find funny at all.  I enjoyed the reminder.

Incidentally I also enjoyed the Bingo.  Don’t worry mum, I won’t make a habit of it…

It was a hen night – not just a “I know I’m a loser already so why not get the bingo wings out early on in life?”  It was a great night in all with a good atmosphere. good food and a great chat in the car on the way home with my buddy.

Also a random phone call from my sister and her (probably slightly tipsy) friends who had spent part of the evening listening to my CD!  Ha ha ha ha!

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67 – London days

Aw, great day!

I love airports when you arrive in them!  I was walking on air once I got off the plane, loving that feeling of heading out into an unknown city waiting to be discovered, enjoying the internationality that is present in large airports and a sense of being all grown up.  Then my feelings of being grown up being happily revised as I tripped over nothing on the airport carpet and looked a fool.  Hahaha!

Then on the train from Gatwick into the centre – I pure loved seeing my first ever real-life trainspotter!!!  There he was with his huge wide angle lens camera and geeky clothes.  Priceless.

I had a few hours before meeting my sisters and so decided I’d go to the Tate Modern art gallery.  In my mind, I figured out that I wanted to go in so much that I’d pay up to £20 to do so.  When I arrived (after successfully finding my way around the tube network and munching a chicken, bacon and avocado baguette alongside the Thames) I discovered most of the stuff was free to see!!  And the stuff that you had to pay for wasn’t as exciting as the free stuff anyway!

I love Modern Art.  Not because its wonderful, but because it can be soooo blinking ridiculous!  There was this moment where I happened to make eye contact with another bemused visitor and it felt like we connected over a sense of “This is art?! I could do that”.  Though some of it actually was really, really cool particularly the scale on which a lot of it is done.  I just loved looking at it all!

THEN, I discovered I could get a boat down the Thames for super cheap because it was part of the transport network rather than a cruise-y tourist thing.  Thus my first glimpse of the London Eye was from the water as the sun descended toward the horizon.  Beautiful.

It wasn’t a perfect day for several reasons, but there were many, many exciting things about it!  Not least an awesome meal in a Turkish restaurant.  Nice.

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I met two staff who are leading CU groups in the local FHE colleges.  It was just an ordinary meeting until I heard the story of a girl who turned up to the very first meeting of the CU…

The leader had her agenda for the meeting, but God’s was otherwise: this girl, who happens to be blind, was asking questions about what a Christian is etc.  So, the leader started explaining but the girl wasn’t completely satisfied until she knew how to do it: “Can you pray the prayer on your own in your bedroom?  What do you say?”  In the end, the leader prayed a prayer of repentance with this girl and included words of recommitment for anyone else who was listening!

People who just ask those kind of questions without fear of judgement are refreshing, and enlighten the rest of us to the things we assume everyone knows and understands.

Sitting in a cosy coffee shop hearing stories like that as it grows darker outside.  Love it.

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