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Hmm… Oh!  I know!  Ramore Strawboffee dessert.  Yum, yum, yum.  An afternoon nap and  then a wee jaunt to the stones-kicked-by (!) household was a nice way to pass an evening.

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I had a great sleep last night, tucked up under two sleeping bags, a blanket and a quilt!  Not that it was particularly cold, but there’s just something so comforting in having that many covers!

At my age, I shouldn’t really be admitting to things like this, but… my mumsie did my washing for me!  Bless her wee cotton socks!

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An afternoon nap which was much needed!  Hurray for flexible working hours!

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Today was incredibly jam-packed.  I had everything timed down to the last minute in terms of getting things done.  And so here I am at the end of it: knackered but with a deep sense of satisfaction that everything that needed done got done and done generally well.  Who would have thought a 14 hour work day could feel so good?!  But perhaps its also the thought of opportunity of applying the principle of Sabbath that lies ahead…

A highlight was perhaps the opportunity to try something a little different in my communicating tonight.  I know that one student loved it and while I’m not sure others were convinced, I love that I have the freedom to experiment a little!

And actually, do you know what?  As I walked into our venue for the night, greeted by my collegues, I smiled.  Not out of politeness, nor because someone cracked a joke, but purely from the pleasure I find in working with them in this context.  That’s saying something when the majority of my last 3 days of work have been spent in their company!

And also! (she added, editing the post for the 3rd time) The chats I had travelling to and from Belfast with students who came in my car were significant, encouraging and important.  Love it.

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Breakfast in bed!

I then drove in the sunshine listening to great music.  I love that.  I also had a real sense of appreciation for the freedom I have to travel… very easily taken for granted or moaned about.

I’ve decided that I must make more time for reading, so I spent a couple of hours this afternoon with a book in my hand.  Think I fell asleep about 20 mins into that though…!  But, yeah – I enjoy reading.

Dinner (though, in itself nothing special) with two old school friends was great.  Not awkward and in reminiscing, I learnt that my bluntness isn’t a recently developed characteristic after all…!  I had thought that my friendship with one of these girls was long gone, but thanks to the other, its been rekindled!  I’m grateful for grown-up friendships that span time.

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Porridge made by someone else!

The main speaker’s courtesy by not only helping me carry my stuff to my car, but also offered to change the strings on his 12 string guitar and lend it to me – a virtual stranger!  What an awesome man.  Not just because of the guitar, incidentally.  I wonder if all Welshmen are as courteous…!?

An honest conversation received with grace.  I deeply appreciate the freedom grace and forgiveness bring.  Must try and remember that more often when things are are much worse.  Ahaaa!  Possibly one of the goals of 365ing, huh?

The sound of the front door opening made me cry with relief tonight – I am so thankful not only for a great housemate, but also that she came in at just the right time.

Bed.  Praise God for sleep.

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Porridge made by someone else.

Ehh… the catering staff at the conference – just to clarify!

Having my mind blown by some incredibly insightful and informed teachers… responding in awe and worship to the God I often try to put in a tiny box.

A wee boogie un-interrupted by self-consciousness.

Not one, not two, but three very different but equally incredible conversations when I thought all I wanted was bed.


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