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Took the train down to Dublin this avo.  Its actually very relaxing even if it takes forever: reading, listening to my ipod… grrrrrreat.

Dinner with “collegues”  – who are so much more than just that – outside a restaurant in a surprisingly quiet waterside area of Dublin as the sun set.  Food was great too.

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Breakfast in bed!

I then drove in the sunshine listening to great music.  I love that.  I also had a real sense of appreciation for the freedom I have to travel… very easily taken for granted or moaned about.

I’ve decided that I must make more time for reading, so I spent a couple of hours this afternoon with a book in my hand.  Think I fell asleep about 20 mins into that though…!  But, yeah – I enjoy reading.

Dinner (though, in itself nothing special) with two old school friends was great.  Not awkward and in reminiscing, I learnt that my bluntness isn’t a recently developed characteristic after all…!  I had thought that my friendship with one of these girls was long gone, but thanks to the other, its been rekindled!  I’m grateful for grown-up friendships that span time.

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Waking up so grateful for sleep which makes life look a better prospect.

I’m a firm believer in the gifts God has given different individuals to teach and write books to help others understand and I’m so thankful He’s given them.  I’m also thankful that my work affords me the opportunity to take time to read such stuff!

Ever since the random encounter with the ladies with the pink bubbly on the train, I’ve had the notion to do it, and whilst we weren’t on the train, Noondy and I had a lovely girly night in front of Marily Monroe’s “How to Marry a Millionaire” with said bottle of very PINK bubbly!  Great film.  I expect the magassive diamond ring any day now…

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I actually played Bingo tonight!!!  I found a ridiculous sense of pleasure when he called ‘all the eights, eighty-eight’ cos I knew that I’d be able to use it in my blog for yesterday!  Also a ridiculous sense of disappointment when he didn’t say ‘legs eleven, number eleven’.  The whole bingo caller thing reminds me of an end of uni year girly trip with two good friends over to Alton Towers.  We spent a whole evening saying things like ‘Me and You, fifty twoooo!’.  One of those things that we nearly wet our pants over for hours that no-one else will find funny at all.  I enjoyed the reminder.

Incidentally I also enjoyed the Bingo.  Don’t worry mum, I won’t make a habit of it…

It was a hen night – not just a “I know I’m a loser already so why not get the bingo wings out early on in life?”  It was a great night in all with a good atmosphere. good food and a great chat in the car on the way home with my buddy.

Also a random phone call from my sister and her (probably slightly tipsy) friends who had spent part of the evening listening to my CD!  Ha ha ha ha!

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I actually got to read some of a book a friend got me for my birthday on the bus!  Jealousy at other 365ers for their opportunities to do that assuaged, if but briefly.  Time to write some letters on a train journey to Dublin.  A productive team meeting and some quality chats with collegues who I used to see much more often last year as fellow newbies!  A choir singing O Holy Night in the shopping centre – an oasis of calm in the otherwise madness!

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(By the way – I’m going to Bingo after Christmas for a hen night!  Yeeeoooo!)

Sundays are usually great in general.  Did some reading, some sleeping… what’s not to love?! 

Church this morning was great.  I turned up feeling really flat and not up for it.  I left smiling, glad to have found friendship and community and know that I can do my bit to add to that feeling for others.  Also, unexpectedly called on to play piano at church tonight – I love it.

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