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Just spent the night speaking to teens about Daniel.  Great bunch, great dynamics, great drama, great God.  Loved it, loved it, loved it!  I got the chance to sing a couple of my songs and hear them beg for my myspace details (they’re only young – they don’t know any better, bless em!).  They totally LOVED acting out the stories, did it really well and seemed to grasp the actual application of it all.  I thought that working with students would have put me off teens, but nope!

Another whiff of recording opportunities…  Watch this (my) space!

I LOVE the blogosphere.  Its geeky, naval-gazingish (or nombrilleux pour ceux qui parlent francais) and downright time-consuming, but I LOVE it.  Tonight (when I should be wrapping and packing and sleeping), I read posts that made me laugh, cry and hope all over again.

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This is an early edition.  A VERY early edition – its not even 9am yet!  But I’m not sure the rest of the day holds much promise.

For now, I am thankful for the second mouse trap we set – the first one was minus the Mars Bar bait but had no dead mouse.  The second one had dead mouse (Charlie the Mouse – RIP Rest In Pieces…).

Ok, I stand corrected… Today I am also thankful for a stroke of creative genius that gave me giggles all day long.  Not sure Janine was so pleased about her teddy’s fate however…


I can’t decide whether I like conversation today or not.  Communication is a tricky business – language is slippery-er than I’d ever realised… which intrigues me, but I’m not sure I’m ready to say I like it again.

I am, however, grateful for tonight’s phone conversation.  Good old Alexander Bell…

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I really enjoyed church this morning.  My church isn’t big or flashy, but its a managable wee community that I feel I can actually get to know.  A no-nonsense chat with a lady I’d more or less just met about prayer and her son’s faith; some inspiring teaching from Acts; a chance to speak French with a real-life Marseillais; banter in the Martin Family Tour Bus…

A relaxed game of pool and impromptu fresh pancakes with some students, not to mention a random rant or two about life and love in general!

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I had a great sleep last night, tucked up under two sleeping bags, a blanket and a quilt!  Not that it was particularly cold, but there’s just something so comforting in having that many covers!

At my age, I shouldn’t really be admitting to things like this, but… my mumsie did my washing for me!  Bless her wee cotton socks!

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A day off!!! 

I survived my exercise class, for such things I am thankful!  I did get a fit of giggles whilst trying to ‘upper cut’ and right kick.  We look sooooooo ridiculous.  Particularly this one woman in front of me.  I am thankful that although my athletic prowess leaves much to be desired, I have a sense of rhythm…

A chance to sit and watch the last 25 minutes of Jurassic Park!  Hardly a classic, but good memories abound!

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Aaaaahhh, Sunday!  Hurrah!

I was at my home church this morning with Mumsie (being Mumsie’s Day and all that…) and once I got over the fact that I was jealous of the fact that life appears to have gone on without me, I appreciated the fact that life has gone on – there are new people, happy people, involved people etc.

Ok, I’m still jealous.  But in theory it made me happy.

Being so grateful for my car – the freedom it brings.  Also the fact that this month I could afford to buy my mum, aunt and uncle their dinner out.

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Its incredible how much a day doing virtually nothing can be soooo good!

I did enjoy: wearing my beret in public, trying a new dish in an Indian resto (Tandoori Nagpuri – reccommended!) and laughing til my belly ached at my friend’s “dogs” slash rats.

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