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Today’s tale is this…

I’ve been raising funds to go to France (a whole other story!) for what feels like forever (and a whole other story there too!).  Today was decision day – the Irish Council were meeting to decide if I had enough support in place to get the go ahead.  Ideally, monthly support levels would be at 100% but it is a recognised fact that people often sign up once they hear news from the actual field, so it was said that if I had 85%, the director would recommend that they’d let me go, if I had 80% he recommend they’d think about letting me go.

So momentum has been gathering and prayer has been mounting etc etc.  The total on Friday was 80%, Saturday 82%, Sunday 83.5%… Creeping up, creeping up!  Friday’s prayer request was that we’d get 3 gifts of £25/month to bring us up to the desired 85%.

Then Monday came.

The discovery that some of the gifts I had counted as non-gift aided actually would receive gift aid, plus news of another few monthly gifts meant that my total shot up to 87%!!!  Incredible news… it felt like a sure thing.

Then Tuesday came.

The discovery that the monthly target was wrong and we actually needed an extra £140/month on top of what we thought.  Eugh.  Crashed right down to 82%.  Its funny how the circumstances change our perspective on a situation!!!

However… and this is the real tale… a matter of hours before the meeting began, our Friday prayer was answered – not by 3 x £25, but by 1 x £25 and 1 x £50!  The timing of receiving those forms was down to the wire but above all it was extraordinary.

God is a great story writer.

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Today was much more chilled out than I thought it would be.

An unexpected meeting with 2 Small Group Leaders who are so eager to lead their group well became not just a good study, but also a good chance to get to know them better.  Its such a privilege to do this kind of thing as a ‘job’.

Being part of a supporters’ event was harder than just attending one, but it went well (eventually – turns out I waffle for at least 3 minutes before getting over myself and starting to make sense.  Apparently it was a ‘good representation’ of what I’m like in general.  Thanks ‘smoothie’ 😉 !!!). It was great to meet a bunch of people who meet regularly in Omagh to pray for student ministry – I’m hopefully gonna get a wee jaunt down to see them all!  Also, I love to introduce ‘my’ people to each other and see them interact (a new dynamic to this is when they sheepishly admit ‘i read your blog sometimes…’!).  Good night gone well methinks.

 A got ANOTHER photo published – in a novel!  It has my name in the credits listings inside where all the publisher details and all are!!!! How COOL is THAT?!?  One day I might even profit from all these published photos…

A wee chat with my bestest friend.  I love her.

A wee chat with my bestest housemate.  I love her too.

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Porridge made by someone else.

Ehh… the catering staff at the conference – just to clarify!

Having my mind blown by some incredibly insightful and informed teachers… responding in awe and worship to the God I often try to put in a tiny box.

A wee boogie un-interrupted by self-consciousness.

Not one, not two, but three very different but equally incredible conversations when I thought all I wanted was bed.


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A lengthy lie-in, cosy and warm and no pressure to get up.

I was taking the service in my home church tonight.  Talking about my work with students.  Took a different slant and got people within the congregation to talk about their experiences of the CU movement.  It was magic!  Not only did they say exactly what I wanted them to, but they meant it too!!!  Reinforces the fact that actually, what I’m involved in is being used by God to bring far-reaching consequences through all generations!

I felt so blessed by the presence and support of friends and family; eager to encourage and thank me afterwards and assure me of their prayers.  Knowing that they do pray.

Supper at the Manse and an intimate performance by the husband of a couple who’ve recently taken over supporting the students of the congregation.  He sang one of his own songs – kindy folky and reminded me of Martyn Joseph (who I’m only beginning to discover).  It was just a memorable moment – perhaps made more poignant by the realisation that this couple, who were formerly on the fringes, are beginning to embrace and be embraced into the community.  Beautiful.

Not only did his singing bless me, but the reminder of Martyn Joseph prompted me to listen to some tracks on my way back home.  I love the space and privacy that driving can afford.  Tonight, through a song by MJ, I remembered that I am precious in God’s eyes.

Joy and hope restored.

Understanding why God wanted me in Ireland this weekend.  Ryanair will have other sales…

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I kinda dreaded today because it heralded the return to work work – ie the stuff that requires thought, effort and preparation…

Despite the day getting off to a bad start because I woke up at 9.35am realising I’d forgotten to set my alarm (even though I’d dragged myself out of bed half asleep the night before to get my phone from the other side of the room, purely to set my alarm.  duuu-uuuhhhh.), I had a pretty nice day!  I got to meet the newest member of my church – very cute and jet-black-haired!  The conception and birth of new life still blows me away.  I just don’t know how it works.  The actual coming-to-life-ness, rather than the conception that is…

I spent the afternoon preparing to go and speak to a group of older Christians who pray for the work of IFES in the North West.  I decided relatively last minute to get rid of my Christmas chocolate by doing a pass-the-parcel quiz type thing!  It went down an absolute storm!  Not to mention the great chat we had (I L.O.V.E to talk about culture shifts…!) and a real sense of people who are genuinely interested in what I had to say.  KNowing that they will pray too.  Awesome.

I reckon the highlight of my day was actually the thing I dreaded most…

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The pin that holds some thingymabob against the whatsits on the something or other to do with the brakes “disappeared” from my car’s wheel.  It happened by God’s grace today of all days when I was in Belfast and just up the road from my car-saviour Uncle Brian.  I drove down the motorway praying hard that the funny noises would not turn into not-so-funny exploding/crashing noises, turned up at my Uncle’s and he sends me down to his brother’s garage to get sorted.  Half an hour later I chugged off safely and contentedly with required thingymabob fixed and the whatsits back in place and all with my wallet staying in my pocket.

Everyone needs an Uncle like Uncle Brian.

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Autumn leaves on the trees on Magee campus.

Helping a friend see with fresh eyes something they’ve read a million times.

A long car journey over in “seconds” because of great conversation with man and God.


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