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Autumn leaves on the trees on Magee campus.

Helping a friend see with fresh eyes something they’ve read a million times.

A long car journey over in “seconds” because of great conversation with man and God.


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Day six

I spent the entire day inside the house, but before going to bed I stepped outside to go and get the bin to put it out and breathed a great lungful of cool, crisp autumn evening air… Breathing sustains life, breathing air like that sustains beauty and hope.

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Go forth

Its kinda weird that Day 4 is on the 5th of October… Anyway.

So, I’d had a pretty intense day with lots of stuff buzzing round my head. The weather was gorgeous though and so I wanted to get on to the beach. When I turned up there the National Trust signs were demanding £4.00 to get onto the beach. But as I pulled up to explain I didn’t want to pay and so would just turn and come back, the wee attendant let me on for freeeeeeeeeeee! And, man, did I need to get on that beach. It was just beautiful.

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