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God showing up in song choices.  Sunday lunch chilling out with friends.  Indifference to an empty house.  An early night!

Oh, and as I drove to my friends’ house, I saw two horses running across a sunlit field – very picture-skew.

Another “oh, and”… I won a wee prize for having the highest ladies’ score at a church bowling night from Friday!  Cool.  Doesn’t say much for the other ladies’ skill however…!  Though 108 is decent enough, huh?


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Isn’t room 101 the place where you put things you want to get rid of?  That could be handy for today.

 In the spirit of not-giving-up-ness… I drove by the very pretty sea today and ate Sheila’s homemade fudge.

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This may seem ridiculous to some…

I was walking from Central to South buildings on campus today down the covered walkway which is affectionately known as the ‘wind tunnel’.  Staggering towards the door (because of the wind, not from any ingested bevvies) to south building which was still closing from a previous entry, I noticed a little brown Autumn leaf sneaking inside out of the cold.

 Now, those of you who love science, will no doubt tell me it was a suction effect to do with displacement of air or something, but I like to think he (and his friends already inside) was simply too cold to pass up the opportunity of taking up a spot on the warmer side of the glass door.  I certainly was…

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I know its still early, but I’m not sure anything today can top the feeling of booking flights to France!  And at a bargain price too!!!


I’ll be going back to Marseille (where I lived on my year out) in January.  I’m gonna climb up to Notre Dame de la Garde and look over the city, ride the carousel I never quite got round to riding when I lived there, eat the world’s best pains au chocolat in a tiny lil brasserie near the Vieux Port, order ‘un cafe’ and get a rich, steaming espresso for a euro, drink a pint of “Despos” (even tho its boggin) in “Mickey Marley’s” at happy hour and breathe in the scent of good times with good friends, stroll Rue St Ferreol, brunch at  La Prefecture, eat amazing REAL chips at Autentique, dine in the treasure trove of La Vallon des Auffes – a tiny harbour sneakily tucked underneath a crazy busy coast road, enjoy endless cups of tea and chat with Heather, jam with John, see people from my church and speak French til I barf!!!

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twenty and one

Walked along Portstewart Strand tonight and chatted with a friend.  This was great for several reasons…

1. Walking a pitch-dark beach at night on your own may be fun, but its not smart.  So, I’ve not done it in a while.

2. The weather was kinda that mix between mild and brisk, where you’ve been smart enough to wear ample clothing and so feel warm, but not too sweaty from the exercise AND the wind is blowing enough to whip your hair back from your face without freezing your nose to the point of being unaware of drippage.

3. I got the chance to get to know more about my friend (who I also hadn’t seen in a while).

4. I got to tell the full story of my busy-but-incredibly-fun-etc summer, thus sharing the joy and reminding myself of it!

5. I was reminded of the privilege of living on the North Coast.

So, that was all good – and actually maybe even better because it sprang from an afternoon where I felt totally stressed out.

All topped off with the cherry of quality time with housemates.

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Sitting outside on a mild October day with a coffee and good chat, feeling tired but knowing it was worth it.

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Strolling in the sun, scuffing my feet through crunchy fallen leaves. Don’t think you ever grow out of it!!!

I hope not.

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Autumn leaves on the trees on Magee campus.

Helping a friend see with fresh eyes something they’ve read a million times.

A long car journey over in “seconds” because of great conversation with man and God.


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Day six

I spent the entire day inside the house, but before going to bed I stepped outside to go and get the bin to put it out and breathed a great lungful of cool, crisp autumn evening air… Breathing sustains life, breathing air like that sustains beauty and hope.

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Go forth

Its kinda weird that Day 4 is on the 5th of October… Anyway.

So, I’d had a pretty intense day with lots of stuff buzzing round my head. The weather was gorgeous though and so I wanted to get on to the beach. When I turned up there the National Trust signs were demanding £4.00 to get onto the beach. But as I pulled up to explain I didn’t want to pay and so would just turn and come back, the wee attendant let me on for freeeeeeeeeeee! And, man, did I need to get on that beach. It was just beautiful.

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