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Porridge made by someone else!

The main speaker’s courtesy by not only helping me carry my stuff to my car, but also offered to change the strings on his 12 string guitar and lend it to me – a virtual stranger!  What an awesome man.  Not just because of the guitar, incidentally.  I wonder if all Welshmen are as courteous…!?

An honest conversation received with grace.  I deeply appreciate the freedom grace and forgiveness bring.  Must try and remember that more often when things are are much worse.  Ahaaa!  Possibly one of the goals of 365ing, huh?

The sound of the front door opening made me cry with relief tonight – I am so thankful not only for a great housemate, but also that she came in at just the right time.

Bed.  Praise God for sleep.

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I loved playing piano and singing with the praise ‘band’ this week – all the better for actually having a monitor and being able to hear if I’m playing the right notes!

Seeing how much one of my group members has grown in the past semester in terms of leading Bible Studies.  Cool to see the training so clearly working!

Attending the girls’ talk and hearing some helpful real-life stuff clearly and honestly addressed.

Karaoke!!  I never expected the standard to be so high!  The staff’s performance meant I had an excuse to don a pencil skirt and neckscarf (to clarify: and a top… this is Relay training after all.) and strut around in heels.  Awesome.  The Irish ‘pulled a weaker’ and did a grrrrreat job!  We definitely deserved a higher score, but I graciously allowed my fellowship group dole out our points to their regions.  One of whom later changed his mind to give another region his region’s points because they hadn’t received any points yet!  Awww… very lovely until that region got another two points, leaving IFES Ireland in last place.  Flippin’ gracious people…honestly.  We soooooo deserved more points…  Great night – I laughed and laughed and laughed!  My cheeks hurt by the end of the evening and I needed it!

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111 (all the ones…)

(The intrepid ‘explorer’ returns – heralding feverish blogging to catch up…!)

Sunday.  Bit of a hectic one this week with preparation and packing for the conference.  But it was still good…

Led praise in church this morning which was fun and it all went well – its great when you have musicians who can just follow your lead without any practice!  Not ideal, but handy nonetheless!

A late evening coffee with my housemate in a still-clean house!

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A lengthy lie-in, cosy and warm and no pressure to get up.

I was taking the service in my home church tonight.  Talking about my work with students.  Took a different slant and got people within the congregation to talk about their experiences of the CU movement.  It was magic!  Not only did they say exactly what I wanted them to, but they meant it too!!!  Reinforces the fact that actually, what I’m involved in is being used by God to bring far-reaching consequences through all generations!

I felt so blessed by the presence and support of friends and family; eager to encourage and thank me afterwards and assure me of their prayers.  Knowing that they do pray.

Supper at the Manse and an intimate performance by the husband of a couple who’ve recently taken over supporting the students of the congregation.  He sang one of his own songs – kindy folky and reminded me of Martyn Joseph (who I’m only beginning to discover).  It was just a memorable moment – perhaps made more poignant by the realisation that this couple, who were formerly on the fringes, are beginning to embrace and be embraced into the community.  Beautiful.

Not only did his singing bless me, but the reminder of Martyn Joseph prompted me to listen to some tracks on my way back home.  I love the space and privacy that driving can afford.  Tonight, through a song by MJ, I remembered that I am precious in God’s eyes.

Joy and hope restored.

Understanding why God wanted me in Ireland this weekend.  Ryanair will have other sales…

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Awwww!  A wee day out to witness and celebrate the wedding of my friends to each other!  So glad I ended up being there after all; seeing their special day and also catching up and hanging out (and stripping the willow a little) with a lovely assortment of friends!  getting to tinkle the ivories in front of an open fire whilst people chatted and mingled was really nice too!

Oh, and there was this beautiful moment where a daddy was lifting and twirling around his daughter who was wearing a very pretty flower-girl dress – she looked like she was flying.  A moment of sweet remembrance of being little.

I also got to help compose some text messages from my friend to his new love interest!  Don’t tell him I told you though…

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I actually played Bingo tonight!!!  I found a ridiculous sense of pleasure when he called ‘all the eights, eighty-eight’ cos I knew that I’d be able to use it in my blog for yesterday!  Also a ridiculous sense of disappointment when he didn’t say ‘legs eleven, number eleven’.  The whole bingo caller thing reminds me of an end of uni year girly trip with two good friends over to Alton Towers.  We spent a whole evening saying things like ‘Me and You, fifty twoooo!’.  One of those things that we nearly wet our pants over for hours that no-one else will find funny at all.  I enjoyed the reminder.

Incidentally I also enjoyed the Bingo.  Don’t worry mum, I won’t make a habit of it…

It was a hen night – not just a “I know I’m a loser already so why not get the bingo wings out early on in life?”  It was a great night in all with a good atmosphere. good food and a great chat in the car on the way home with my buddy.

Also a random phone call from my sister and her (probably slightly tipsy) friends who had spent part of the evening listening to my CD!  Ha ha ha ha!

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85 – Christmas Day

Seeing kids cycling, dribbling footballs and scootering up the middle aisle of the church in the middle of the service!  The minister of my home church has an interesting approach to including the children!  Its really fun and creates a homey family atmosphere.

The unveiling of my very first official(ish) CD of my own songs and giving copies of it as gifts to those who got me the recording studio time in the first place.  It was funny cos most of them just thought it was a Christmas Card and so I loved that they’d go home, unwrap it and get a lil surprise!  It was also cool to get lots of texts later saying they liked it. (and thus the reason for me being a diva)

 A great Christmas dinner cooked by my chef-tastic sister followed by snoozing and a game of 2nd edition Cranium.

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