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Settled in for the evening I start to hang up my washing. Suddenly the phone rings and next thing I know, my friend and I are sitting chatting over cosmos in front of the fire!

These are the evenings I’ll miss, the stories I’m glad to live and enjoy and want to savour.


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Slept like a baby last night – soooo good.  I loved waking up and pottering down to breakfast like it was 2005 again… Only this time Jan-Willem (the oldest boy) was now at school and it was his little bro, Jack (who’d been grumpily distant last night) who was grinning at me and bringing his toys to me while I ate my cereal.  Very cute…

Seeing the newly renovated, new church location to accomodate the church which has tripled since I was around.  Eh… not that it was because of me, of course! Hahaha…

A contemplative walk around Tours Cathedral, site of significant memories…

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I actually played Bingo tonight!!!  I found a ridiculous sense of pleasure when he called ‘all the eights, eighty-eight’ cos I knew that I’d be able to use it in my blog for yesterday!  Also a ridiculous sense of disappointment when he didn’t say ‘legs eleven, number eleven’.  The whole bingo caller thing reminds me of an end of uni year girly trip with two good friends over to Alton Towers.  We spent a whole evening saying things like ‘Me and You, fifty twoooo!’.  One of those things that we nearly wet our pants over for hours that no-one else will find funny at all.  I enjoyed the reminder.

Incidentally I also enjoyed the Bingo.  Don’t worry mum, I won’t make a habit of it…

It was a hen night – not just a “I know I’m a loser already so why not get the bingo wings out early on in life?”  It was a great night in all with a good atmosphere. good food and a great chat in the car on the way home with my buddy.

Also a random phone call from my sister and her (probably slightly tipsy) friends who had spent part of the evening listening to my CD!  Ha ha ha ha!

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My lovely new red hat!

I’ve been bemoaning the size of my head of late, because of the inability to wear a hat and get away with it.  But today, I bought a hat regardless.  And its red.  And its kinda fluffy.  And it makes me happy.

As does reminiscing over Kids’ Praise Songs:  “I can do just anything thru Christ who strengthens me, I can climb a mountain when I’m four – even three!!!”  “Whistling, I hear whistling!” “Tone it DOWN Rhythm!!” “Well, hello, Charity, yes, hello, hello indeed…”

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I know its still early, but I’m not sure anything today can top the feeling of booking flights to France!  And at a bargain price too!!!


I’ll be going back to Marseille (where I lived on my year out) in January.  I’m gonna climb up to Notre Dame de la Garde and look over the city, ride the carousel I never quite got round to riding when I lived there, eat the world’s best pains au chocolat in a tiny lil brasserie near the Vieux Port, order ‘un cafe’ and get a rich, steaming espresso for a euro, drink a pint of “Despos” (even tho its boggin) in “Mickey Marley’s” at happy hour and breathe in the scent of good times with good friends, stroll Rue St Ferreol, brunch at  La Prefecture, eat amazing REAL chips at Autentique, dine in the treasure trove of La Vallon des Auffes – a tiny harbour sneakily tucked underneath a crazy busy coast road, enjoy endless cups of tea and chat with Heather, jam with John, see people from my church and speak French til I barf!!!

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Number Ten

I drew a picture on Paint today. It was an artistic stroke of genius depicting my friend and I on our year out in Marseille. It is a masterpiece. Even if I do say so myself…

I also bit the bullet and made arrangements to do something I’ve wanted to do for about 5 years.

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Day 5

I spent the day with Mumsie today. We had a four course Chinese meal and discussed the finer points of the song which forms the basis of one of my earliest memories:

“Running over, running over (accompanied by circling hands around each other motions)
My cup’s full (cup hands) and running over
And I’m happy all the day (clappity clap clap)
My cup’s full and running over”

Mum told me she could remember her dad (who died when she was 7) doing headstands against the door and her and her siblings dashing for the money that fell out of his pockets!

I like Memory Lane.

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