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Just spent the night speaking to teens about Daniel.  Great bunch, great dynamics, great drama, great God.  Loved it, loved it, loved it!  I got the chance to sing a couple of my songs and hear them beg for my myspace details (they’re only young – they don’t know any better, bless em!).  They totally LOVED acting out the stories, did it really well and seemed to grasp the actual application of it all.  I thought that working with students would have put me off teens, but nope!

Another whiff of recording opportunities…  Watch this (my) space!

I LOVE the blogosphere.  Its geeky, naval-gazingish (or nombrilleux pour ceux qui parlent francais) and downright time-consuming, but I LOVE it.  Tonight (when I should be wrapping and packing and sleeping), I read posts that made me laugh, cry and hope all over again.

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Eating breakfast outside on the decking this morning was grrrreat!  Not only cos it was outside, but also cos I’m just so thankful for my housemate (not just because she’s the reason I get to hang out in a house like this…).

A “game” of tennis (very funny), a HOT shower in the rain-like shower and an impromptu barbeque…

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So, I scived my cardio kick exercise class.  I have no good excuse except the girl I usually go with has asthma and wasn’t feeling great.  So I scived!  BUT… my housemate and I slobbed on the sofa (after some very tasty salmon, butternut squash and cous cous – surprisingly yummy!) and watched some Gilmore Girls.  At 9.40 I announced we should go for a wee walk.  And we DID!  Except it ended up being a big walk, but it was sooo good and we chatted about lots of stuff and prayed and joked and laughed and it was great.

Hurray for long walks in the rain!

(and a great housemate)

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Not just saying this because soapbox did and I feel I have to reciprocate… but we DID have a great team meeting this morning!  Discussion, interaction, productivity all laced with a good dose of banter!  I suppose its the contrast of working alone a lot of the time; just being able to share with people in the same line of work is pretty refreshing and encouraging.

I picked up a 12 string guitar that I’m borrowing for a while.  Gonna go all alternative country… watch this (my)space!

Then I caught up over dinner and a movie with a friend.  Well, actually the movie bit didn’t work out but the thought was there!  She was in sparkling form and it was good to talk.

I got to see the centre of the why-not-smile-diy-disaster drama…! It looks good now!

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Its incredible how much a day doing virtually nothing can be soooo good!

I did enjoy: wearing my beret in public, trying a new dish in an Indian resto (Tandoori Nagpuri – reccommended!) and laughing til my belly ached at my friend’s “dogs” slash rats.

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Arriving at the office to be told there was an ‘exciting’ package for me… I had NO idea why I had received a copy of some random journal from America until I was flicking through it and discovered they had used one (or rather two) of my photos and credited me!  Not only that but it was a picture (or, like I said – two pictures) of MY hands!  I’m like Joey – a hand model!  Hurrah!  I’ll be famous yet…

A busy, but satisfying day, mostly thanks to it being rounded off with an afternoon coffee and conversation which energised, not drained.

I drove to my exercise class content to be going and enjoyed a moment of humour as I watched 20 or so ladies punching and kicking in time to music: pretentious at best and blooming ridiculous at worst – the only one who manages to look cool doing it is the instructor.  The rest of us are just fooling ourselves!  But at least we’re in it together…

It would appear I was in the mood to analyse everything, as I also had a chuckle with my exercise friend over the fact that I think we might be perceived as the bad girls at the back who chat and giggle throughout ‘cool down’.

The rest of the evening was spent snuggled up in ‘my’ cosy wee living room (sorry dm!) navel-gazing with my laptop on my knee and laughing out loud at the episode of friends where Rachel puts mince beef in a trifle.  Grrrrrrreat!  My only whine is that I miss my housemate who’s house-sitting for someone else this week – but I’m thankful I have a housemate who is worthy to be missed!

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I loved playing piano and singing with the praise ‘band’ this week – all the better for actually having a monitor and being able to hear if I’m playing the right notes!

Seeing how much one of my group members has grown in the past semester in terms of leading Bible Studies.  Cool to see the training so clearly working!

Attending the girls’ talk and hearing some helpful real-life stuff clearly and honestly addressed.

Karaoke!!  I never expected the standard to be so high!  The staff’s performance meant I had an excuse to don a pencil skirt and neckscarf (to clarify: and a top… this is Relay training after all.) and strut around in heels.  Awesome.  The Irish ‘pulled a weaker’ and did a grrrrreat job!  We definitely deserved a higher score, but I graciously allowed my fellowship group dole out our points to their regions.  One of whom later changed his mind to give another region his region’s points because they hadn’t received any points yet!  Awww… very lovely until that region got another two points, leaving IFES Ireland in last place.  Flippin’ gracious people…honestly.  We soooooo deserved more points…  Great night – I laughed and laughed and laughed!  My cheeks hurt by the end of the evening and I needed it!

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