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Driving down the road, seeing a great big man amble across the road just to stroke a little ginger kitty.  Very poetic. 

This is another one of those weird ones where something seemingly not great becomes my great thing…

I was at a funeral today.  Of course it was heart-breaking, but yet… The singing of songs like’The Lord’s my Shepherd’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ was incredible – people were in fine voice!  Also, the spirit of hope that was there was amazing and so uplifting and so inspiring.

I want to live life on this earth to the full – by following Jesus, seeing his kingdom come here on earth and seeing others coming to know him.

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Got the opportunity to share from the Bible tonight.  It didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but I still really enjoy pointing people toward Jesus.  Plus, feeling regret at some of the stuff I’d missed or complicated or whatever meant that when a few people thanked me for what I’d said, I knew that God was at work above and beyond anything of me.  That’s exciting!

My first hot mulled “wine” of the season – I love winter…

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Knock on the door, 44

At the end of a long day, I can safely say that my highlight and the beautiful thread running through my day was friendship pure and simple.

I love Jesus and His grace.

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Studying Colossians with Steeno and Paul this morning was great.  Don’t think I was really in the right frame of mind when I turned up, but the Spirit just showed up and we had a great chat.

The gospel really is good news!  And the fact that I get to talk about it as a job is pretty great.

And now, an early night… yeeeeeoooo!!!

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legs eleven

Talking about Jesus.

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Having my vision re-filled full of Jesus. I can’t explain it, but I want Jesus.

I just want Jesus.

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