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Settled in for the evening I start to hang up my washing. Suddenly the phone rings and next thing I know, my friend and I are sitting chatting over cosmos in front of the fire!

These are the evenings I’ll miss, the stories I’m glad to live and enjoy and want to savour.


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Just spent the night speaking to teens about Daniel.  Great bunch, great dynamics, great drama, great God.  Loved it, loved it, loved it!  I got the chance to sing a couple of my songs and hear them beg for my myspace details (they’re only young – they don’t know any better, bless em!).  They totally LOVED acting out the stories, did it really well and seemed to grasp the actual application of it all.  I thought that working with students would have put me off teens, but nope!

Another whiff of recording opportunities…  Watch this (my) space!

I LOVE the blogosphere.  Its geeky, naval-gazingish (or nombrilleux pour ceux qui parlent francais) and downright time-consuming, but I LOVE it.  Tonight (when I should be wrapping and packing and sleeping), I read posts that made me laugh, cry and hope all over again.

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Eating breakfast outside on the decking this morning was grrrreat!  Not only cos it was outside, but also cos I’m just so thankful for my housemate (not just because she’s the reason I get to hang out in a house like this…).

A “game” of tennis (very funny), a HOT shower in the rain-like shower and an impromptu barbeque…

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I was driving to pick up some ‘traditional’ Sunday lunch fare, when I drove past a guy walking up the street alone with the biggest grin on his face.  I love seeing people happy, it made me smile too.  And he was carrying a Bible…

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Seeing someone walking down the road, randomly smiling to himself.  Maybe I’m nosey, but it intrigues me – I wonder what he was thinking about…?!

I really enjoy the opportunity my job gives me to be part of important conversations.  Plotting to change the world one person at a time…

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I sat in my jammies til close-to-obscene time today and revelled in the fact that I could do it!  Holidays rock.  I also enjoyed loading up music onto my brand-spanking new ipod.

I felt a measure of pressure in catching up my Christmas 365 days, because of the incredible stuff others have recorded – made me feel all fuzzy and warm inside!  The pure joy of friendship expressed by hearts full of gratitude.  It is thus that I add my highlight of today: an evening spent with my bestest friend in the whole wide world.  Banter, board games, honesty and acceptance without terms.  Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude….

Getting to sleep in a real bed after two nights on the sofa.  It was in the room where I spent the latter of my teenage years and as I turned out the lights, I was pleasantly surprised by the starlight of glow-in-the-dark stars I’d put there years before and forgotten about.

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I’ve had one of those days where up until the waning moments of the day you think you’ll have trouble doing a 365.  But tonight I am so grateful for friends who allow me to practice community with them even with the imminent arrival of the artist currently known as ‘Bump’.  Grateful for company on a ‘all-my-housemates-have-disappeared-for-Christmas-and-I’m-sick-of-being-alone-in-the-house’ kinda day.  Grateful for comfortable silences between stimulating conversation on all levels of the depth spectrum.  Grateful to have somewhere to voice endless ridiculous nit-picky questions without them feeling they have to have all the answers.

I’m thankful for 365s that give historicity and scope to otherwise insignificant daily occurences.  Thankful for the beauty of writing and creativity and freedom of expression.

Thankful that tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I get to go home home.

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I LOOOOOOOVe the excuses that birthdays bring.  I can’t get up too early – its my birthday.  I don’t care that my room is a tip – its my birthday.  I’m going to buy new clothes even though I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping – its my birthday.

I was feeling a little apprehensive about the fact that I’d nothing particularly exciting planned to make today special.  Just as I was dashing downstairs to leave the house, I noticed the kitchen light on – my housemate had left it on to bring me purposely into the kitchen, where I discovered balloons, a cake, a card and pains au chocolat for my breakfast.  A simple gesture that spoke volumes of effort and true care for me which was unexpected and brought tears (not so unexpected).

Then, the student I met today was great.  Not only because she bought me tea and an almond slice (I can eat as much junk as I like – its my birthday), but because of the way she relates to me.  She’s so at ease, giving me the freedom to be myself rather than Ms Super Staff Worker.

I had an excuse to buy someone really pretty yellow flowers today.  I know that might seem random, because it wasn’t me who got the flowers, but I LOVE getting flowers so much that I take any excuse to buy them for others because it feels so lovely to get them!

Hearing the news that my good friend can indeed come to my murder mystery dinner party and the guest list is almost complete.  Something good to look forward to!

THREE birthday cakes!

Knowing that I can milk the ‘its my birthday’ thing for at least another 5 days…

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Today turned out MUCH better than anticipated.  Thought it was gonna be a normal kinda day with nothing much to report.  But I had a lovely leisurely chatty breakfast before starting work.  Then had an inspiring chat with a new Christian discovering what it looks like to follow Jesus. 

Then got a random phone call from my Relay worker that seemed to be mostly about his Christmas shopping – I just loved that he was telling me that kind of normal everyday type stuff!  Its a mark of a friendship that’s more than just work!  Its great when students (or in this case a graduate!) make that transition between thinking of me as Staff Worker to just a ‘normal’ person!

After that, I had a rather impromptu meeting with another great student and we just had a great oul natter about loads of different significant and exciting things as well as just chit-chat about silly things. 

Then an end-of-semester dinner outing with small group leaders – great food, great chats, great night.

Great day!

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A late afternoon hair appointment in which I could actually describe what I wanted done with my hair.  Felt pretty proud of myself for being hairstyle-articulate!  Also, I’ve finally found a hairdresser who’s through-the-mirror chit-chat doesn’t make me want to crawl under a perming machine and dye (hehehehe… sorry).  Though that makes it sound like its been a lifelong quest to find my ideal stylist – it hasn’t been.  So I walked out of the salon with feelings of a new friendship formed, a sleek barnett and – most importantly – clutching a scrap of paper with the name of the hotel in London where Take That will be staying…

After that, a spot of early evening shopping – my town is lovely when its quiet.  Though the Christmas music blasting through the speakers was more Nightmare on Elm St than Miracle on 34th… 

Getting dolled up to the nines to go to a birthday party.  I love it when you can get dressed up when you’re actually in the mood to do so!

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