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I kinda dreaded today because it heralded the return to work work – ie the stuff that requires thought, effort and preparation…

Despite the day getting off to a bad start because I woke up at 9.35am realising I’d forgotten to set my alarm (even though I’d dragged myself out of bed half asleep the night before to get my phone from the other side of the room, purely to set my alarm.  duuu-uuuhhhh.), I had a pretty nice day!  I got to meet the newest member of my church – very cute and jet-black-haired!  The conception and birth of new life still blows me away.  I just don’t know how it works.  The actual coming-to-life-ness, rather than the conception that is…

I spent the afternoon preparing to go and speak to a group of older Christians who pray for the work of IFES in the North West.  I decided relatively last minute to get rid of my Christmas chocolate by doing a pass-the-parcel quiz type thing!  It went down an absolute storm!  Not to mention the great chat we had (I L.O.V.E to talk about culture shifts…!) and a real sense of people who are genuinely interested in what I had to say.  KNowing that they will pray too.  Awesome.

I reckon the highlight of my day was actually the thing I dreaded most…

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