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92 – New Year’s Day

Every year I crash my best friend’s family’s traditional Family Fry.  Love it.  Also this year it turns out my new-found ability to make water lilies out of napkins makes me very cool with the younger crowd.

Oh. My. Days… Johnny Depp in Finding Neverland. Never really sure why films that make you cry are so enjoyable to the female of the species, seriously – what a show.  Film of the season I’d say.  But then it didn’t have much to beat.

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I’ve had one of those days where up until the waning moments of the day you think you’ll have trouble doing a 365.  But tonight I am so grateful for friends who allow me to practice community with them even with the imminent arrival of the artist currently known as ‘Bump’.  Grateful for company on a ‘all-my-housemates-have-disappeared-for-Christmas-and-I’m-sick-of-being-alone-in-the-house’ kinda day.  Grateful for comfortable silences between stimulating conversation on all levels of the depth spectrum.  Grateful to have somewhere to voice endless ridiculous nit-picky questions without them feeling they have to have all the answers.

I’m thankful for 365s that give historicity and scope to otherwise insignificant daily occurences.  Thankful for the beauty of writing and creativity and freedom of expression.

Thankful that tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I get to go home home.

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I got to go shooting tonight!!!  Random I know, but the 20s group from my home church were doing it for their Christmas do, and I didn’t think I’d make it back from Mexico in time, but I did.  The cool thing was that I’d hit a total downer on the drive there, but my mood lifted AND I turned out to be not too bad a shot!  its funny actually how little I associated what I was doing with guns.  Ridiculous seeing as there was a ruddy great big rifle jammed into my shoulder, but I expected to have a greater sense of ‘oooooohhhh bad guns.’, but actually it was just satisfying to hit the target well.  I can understand why people get into it!  Cool experience.  I appreciate people around me who do out-of-the-ordinary things and invite me along!

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67 – London days

Aw, great day!

I love airports when you arrive in them!  I was walking on air once I got off the plane, loving that feeling of heading out into an unknown city waiting to be discovered, enjoying the internationality that is present in large airports and a sense of being all grown up.  Then my feelings of being grown up being happily revised as I tripped over nothing on the airport carpet and looked a fool.  Hahaha!

Then on the train from Gatwick into the centre – I pure loved seeing my first ever real-life trainspotter!!!  There he was with his huge wide angle lens camera and geeky clothes.  Priceless.

I had a few hours before meeting my sisters and so decided I’d go to the Tate Modern art gallery.  In my mind, I figured out that I wanted to go in so much that I’d pay up to £20 to do so.  When I arrived (after successfully finding my way around the tube network and munching a chicken, bacon and avocado baguette alongside the Thames) I discovered most of the stuff was free to see!!  And the stuff that you had to pay for wasn’t as exciting as the free stuff anyway!

I love Modern Art.  Not because its wonderful, but because it can be soooo blinking ridiculous!  There was this moment where I happened to make eye contact with another bemused visitor and it felt like we connected over a sense of “This is art?! I could do that”.  Though some of it actually was really, really cool particularly the scale on which a lot of it is done.  I just loved looking at it all!

THEN, I discovered I could get a boat down the Thames for super cheap because it was part of the transport network rather than a cruise-y tourist thing.  Thus my first glimpse of the London Eye was from the water as the sun descended toward the horizon.  Beautiful.

It wasn’t a perfect day for several reasons, but there were many, many exciting things about it!  Not least an awesome meal in a Turkish restaurant.  Nice.

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I have a secret obsession with shifting furniture.

Obviously its not so secret anymore, but I’m not sure its something to be ashamed of.  Or at least, not the biggest thing I have to be ashamed of…

But, yeh – I shifted the furniture in my bedroom/office because the current layout was doing my head in.  The satisfaction from furniture shifted and looking good as well as being functional is immense.  ‘Sad’ you may say.  But when you spend ten minutes using your mental faculties to picture the various ways in which your bed etc fit into a limited space, then see it work, its good for you.  Particularly when you’re as adept at it as I am.

Creativity, I am your Master.

 Tee hee hee…

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