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So, in my church they have a coffee break in the middle of the service.  Great idea.  Not so great idea is throwing your own coffee over two thirds of your lovely bright pink top and trousers.  Sorry – just the top was bright pink.  Not the trousers.  That would be ridiculous.  Now, obviously that’s not a highlight per se, but it was pretty funny.  Particularly because in the first half I, in my bright pink glory, was singing with the praise band but dashed home to change after the spillage, and sang in the second half of church wearing a black top!  I’m certain some people thought I was just being a Diva!!! Hahahahahahaha…!

Might do it next time too – just for the craic. 

Music practice in the avo was a lot of fun – we were singing carols and I was getting excited about Christmas!  Music is a great gift.  I like it a lot – whether I’m part of making it or not I don’t care.  But that I can be part of it is even better.

Then hanging out with people from church – I better write something nice as I know she reads this… ;).  Just kidding – it really was a highlight because it makes me feel like I really am getting settled on the North Coast and that feels good.

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Talking over coffee (and chocolate eclairs – the cream kind) in a warm cosy kitchen with an older friend.  Isn’t it funny how many 365 posts revolve around food??!?


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I know its still early, but I’m not sure anything today can top the feeling of booking flights to France!  And at a bargain price too!!!


I’ll be going back to Marseille (where I lived on my year out) in January.  I’m gonna climb up to Notre Dame de la Garde and look over the city, ride the carousel I never quite got round to riding when I lived there, eat the world’s best pains au chocolat in a tiny lil brasserie near the Vieux Port, order ‘un cafe’ and get a rich, steaming espresso for a euro, drink a pint of “Despos” (even tho its boggin) in “Mickey Marley’s” at happy hour and breathe in the scent of good times with good friends, stroll Rue St Ferreol, brunch at  La Prefecture, eat amazing REAL chips at Autentique, dine in the treasure trove of La Vallon des Auffes – a tiny harbour sneakily tucked underneath a crazy busy coast road, enjoy endless cups of tea and chat with Heather, jam with John, see people from my church and speak French til I barf!!!

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Sitting outside on a mild October day with a coffee and good chat, feeling tired but knowing it was worth it.

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