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A day full of coffee! I had lots of great conversation with several great people.  But the biggest highlight was a proper chat with my dad.  He listened to me and responded like I’m a grown-up and not just a little girl.

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Well, this is it… The day that makes a farce of my ‘365’.  The anomaly of the 29th of February which means that I should actually call this my ‘366’.

A somewhat unobtrusive day where I enjoyed the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee in escape from the rain, a chance to propose (in jest I hasten to add) and an enjoyable dinner with a family from church.  Topped off with a date with Mr Darcy.

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111 (all the ones…)

(The intrepid ‘explorer’ returns – heralding feverish blogging to catch up…!)

Sunday.  Bit of a hectic one this week with preparation and packing for the conference.  But it was still good…

Led praise in church this morning which was fun and it all went well – its great when you have musicians who can just follow your lead without any practice!  Not ideal, but handy nonetheless!

A late evening coffee with my housemate in a still-clean house!

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Marmalade on toast.  Yum!

An unexpected visit from a good friend spent in drinking coffee, discussion and at times companionable silence!

A Christmas quiz at a Christmas party.

Little amuses the innocent…

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What a day!!!  This one’s easy!

So, Noondy and I hop on the cross-border train and have a great chin-wag up until Newry.  And now, I’ve always felt strongly that people a little further along the road of life have much to teach and so, when two forty-something women joined us at our table we learnt an important lesson about girly days out…  They whip out croissants, chocolate truffles and pink “champagne”! Better still – they had thought ahead and brought FOUR glasses!  Spread a little happiness, huh?!  Sooooooo good!

Then a lovely not-rainy day pottering around some posh and not-so-posh shops in the cosmopolitan city of Dublin, topped off with incredible bruscetta, pollo funghi, espresso and a dash of flirting with an Italian waiter.


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An evening with friends…

Popcorn, chocolate and lashings of Stardust and a healthy dose of Take That over the credits.  A feast of fajitas and then lazing on the sofa with coffee and cookies.

Somehow I think this morning’s second swim this week is rather cancelled out by the junk.  But today – I didn’t care.

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Nifty fifty

Coffee and cinnamon scones in my favourite coffee shop (high praise from someone who does that sort of thing on a daily basis).

I also heard about one of those things that goes on in our world that we are ignorant of but that could have endless chuckle-factor.  One of my students told me about Sealand – an old WW2 off-shore landing strip that was claimed by some bloke and turned into an independant country.  Mad.

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