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fnuh.  whose idea was this whole 365 guff?

okay, so… ehhhmmm… Fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies.  From store-bought dough I hasten to add.

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This is an early edition.  A VERY early edition – its not even 9am yet!  But I’m not sure the rest of the day holds much promise.

For now, I am thankful for the second mouse trap we set – the first one was minus the Mars Bar bait but had no dead mouse.  The second one had dead mouse (Charlie the Mouse – RIP Rest In Pieces…).

Ok, I stand corrected… Today I am also thankful for a stroke of creative genius that gave me giggles all day long.  Not sure Janine was so pleased about her teddy’s fate however…


I can’t decide whether I like conversation today or not.  Communication is a tricky business – language is slippery-er than I’d ever realised… which intrigues me, but I’m not sure I’m ready to say I like it again.

I am, however, grateful for tonight’s phone conversation.  Good old Alexander Bell…


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Today, my friends, I am incredibly grateful for Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.

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I kinda dreaded today because it heralded the return to work work – ie the stuff that requires thought, effort and preparation…

Despite the day getting off to a bad start because I woke up at 9.35am realising I’d forgotten to set my alarm (even though I’d dragged myself out of bed half asleep the night before to get my phone from the other side of the room, purely to set my alarm.  duuu-uuuhhhh.), I had a pretty nice day!  I got to meet the newest member of my church – very cute and jet-black-haired!  The conception and birth of new life still blows me away.  I just don’t know how it works.  The actual coming-to-life-ness, rather than the conception that is…

I spent the afternoon preparing to go and speak to a group of older Christians who pray for the work of IFES in the North West.  I decided relatively last minute to get rid of my Christmas chocolate by doing a pass-the-parcel quiz type thing!  It went down an absolute storm!  Not to mention the great chat we had (I L.O.V.E to talk about culture shifts…!) and a real sense of people who are genuinely interested in what I had to say.  KNowing that they will pray too.  Awesome.

I reckon the highlight of my day was actually the thing I dreaded most…

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68 – London Days

An enormous breakfast to kick-start a rainy day, with the excuse of ‘I’m on my holidays’ to assuage the food guilt.

A jaunt around Camden, perusing the weird and wonderful sights of the market there.

A bar of Galaxy chocolate at just the right time.

A sense of thankfulness that my bladder isn’t as small as some.

My first Tapas experience. 

An incredible (if not a little worrisome at first that our bad time-keeping might mean we’d miss the start) Take That concert.  Long-awaited and mucho fun-o: singing along, dancing and waving like a loon, but resting assured that my sister made more of a fool of herself than I!

Never forget.

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What a day!!!  This one’s easy!

So, Noondy and I hop on the cross-border train and have a great chin-wag up until Newry.  And now, I’ve always felt strongly that people a little further along the road of life have much to teach and so, when two forty-something women joined us at our table we learnt an important lesson about girly days out…  They whip out croissants, chocolate truffles and pink “champagne”! Better still – they had thought ahead and brought FOUR glasses!  Spread a little happiness, huh?!  Sooooooo good!

Then a lovely not-rainy day pottering around some posh and not-so-posh shops in the cosmopolitan city of Dublin, topped off with incredible bruscetta, pollo funghi, espresso and a dash of flirting with an Italian waiter.


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ooohhh…. Marks and Spencer’s chocolate chip cookie.  Can’t beat it with a big stick.

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A lazy afternoon tucked up on the sofa with hot water bottle and blanket watching the latest Harry Potter flick.  Discovering a box of Thornton’s Continental in my mum’s fridge.  The illicit thrill of stolen chocolate…


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