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God showing up in song choices.  Sunday lunch chilling out with friends.  Indifference to an empty house.  An early night!

Oh, and as I drove to my friends’ house, I saw two horses running across a sunlit field – very picture-skew.

Another “oh, and”… I won a wee prize for having the highest ladies’ score at a church bowling night from Friday!  Cool.  Doesn’t say much for the other ladies’ skill however…!  Though 108 is decent enough, huh?


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A lengthy lie-in, cosy and warm and no pressure to get up.

I was taking the service in my home church tonight.  Talking about my work with students.  Took a different slant and got people within the congregation to talk about their experiences of the CU movement.  It was magic!  Not only did they say exactly what I wanted them to, but they meant it too!!!  Reinforces the fact that actually, what I’m involved in is being used by God to bring far-reaching consequences through all generations!

I felt so blessed by the presence and support of friends and family; eager to encourage and thank me afterwards and assure me of their prayers.  Knowing that they do pray.

Supper at the Manse and an intimate performance by the husband of a couple who’ve recently taken over supporting the students of the congregation.  He sang one of his own songs – kindy folky and reminded me of Martyn Joseph (who I’m only beginning to discover).  It was just a memorable moment – perhaps made more poignant by the realisation that this couple, who were formerly on the fringes, are beginning to embrace and be embraced into the community.  Beautiful.

Not only did his singing bless me, but the reminder of Martyn Joseph prompted me to listen to some tracks on my way back home.  I love the space and privacy that driving can afford.  Tonight, through a song by MJ, I remembered that I am precious in God’s eyes.

Joy and hope restored.

Understanding why God wanted me in Ireland this weekend.  Ryanair will have other sales…

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Isn’t room 101 the place where you put things you want to get rid of?  That could be handy for today.

 In the spirit of not-giving-up-ness… I drove by the very pretty sea today and ate Sheila’s homemade fudge.

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I led a reflection and praise time this morning.  Something I hadn’t done in a while and something I hadn’t been looking forward to.  Things like that can leave you totally vulnerable and emotionally/spiritually naked before others and that’s… hard.  I know that God was working, though, and I guess that’s a good thing and so in some senses its a highlight.  But also… ouch.


Snow covered fields on a road I’ve never driven.  Then a good chat with a friend who is often quite quiet – knowing she’s really starting to settle in and that I’m glad she’s around.

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I sat in my jammies til close-to-obscene time today and revelled in the fact that I could do it!  Holidays rock.  I also enjoyed loading up music onto my brand-spanking new ipod.

I felt a measure of pressure in catching up my Christmas 365 days, because of the incredible stuff others have recorded – made me feel all fuzzy and warm inside!  The pure joy of friendship expressed by hearts full of gratitude.  It is thus that I add my highlight of today: an evening spent with my bestest friend in the whole wide world.  Banter, board games, honesty and acceptance without terms.  Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude….

Getting to sleep in a real bed after two nights on the sofa.  It was in the room where I spent the latter of my teenage years and as I turned out the lights, I was pleasantly surprised by the starlight of glow-in-the-dark stars I’d put there years before and forgotten about.

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I’ve had one of those days where up until the waning moments of the day you think you’ll have trouble doing a 365.  But tonight I am so grateful for friends who allow me to practice community with them even with the imminent arrival of the artist currently known as ‘Bump’.  Grateful for company on a ‘all-my-housemates-have-disappeared-for-Christmas-and-I’m-sick-of-being-alone-in-the-house’ kinda day.  Grateful for comfortable silences between stimulating conversation on all levels of the depth spectrum.  Grateful to have somewhere to voice endless ridiculous nit-picky questions without them feeling they have to have all the answers.

I’m thankful for 365s that give historicity and scope to otherwise insignificant daily occurences.  Thankful for the beauty of writing and creativity and freedom of expression.

Thankful that tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I get to go home home.

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A late afternoon hair appointment in which I could actually describe what I wanted done with my hair.  Felt pretty proud of myself for being hairstyle-articulate!  Also, I’ve finally found a hairdresser who’s through-the-mirror chit-chat doesn’t make me want to crawl under a perming machine and dye (hehehehe… sorry).  Though that makes it sound like its been a lifelong quest to find my ideal stylist – it hasn’t been.  So I walked out of the salon with feelings of a new friendship formed, a sleek barnett and – most importantly – clutching a scrap of paper with the name of the hotel in London where Take That will be staying…

After that, a spot of early evening shopping – my town is lovely when its quiet.  Though the Christmas music blasting through the speakers was more Nightmare on Elm St than Miracle on 34th… 

Getting dolled up to the nines to go to a birthday party.  I love it when you can get dressed up when you’re actually in the mood to do so!

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I have a secret obsession with shifting furniture.

Obviously its not so secret anymore, but I’m not sure its something to be ashamed of.  Or at least, not the biggest thing I have to be ashamed of…

But, yeh – I shifted the furniture in my bedroom/office because the current layout was doing my head in.  The satisfaction from furniture shifted and looking good as well as being functional is immense.  ‘Sad’ you may say.  But when you spend ten minutes using your mental faculties to picture the various ways in which your bed etc fit into a limited space, then see it work, its good for you.  Particularly when you’re as adept at it as I am.

Creativity, I am your Master.

 Tee hee hee…

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I know its still early, but I’m not sure anything today can top the feeling of booking flights to France!  And at a bargain price too!!!


I’ll be going back to Marseille (where I lived on my year out) in January.  I’m gonna climb up to Notre Dame de la Garde and look over the city, ride the carousel I never quite got round to riding when I lived there, eat the world’s best pains au chocolat in a tiny lil brasserie near the Vieux Port, order ‘un cafe’ and get a rich, steaming espresso for a euro, drink a pint of “Despos” (even tho its boggin) in “Mickey Marley’s” at happy hour and breathe in the scent of good times with good friends, stroll Rue St Ferreol, brunch at  La Prefecture, eat amazing REAL chips at Autentique, dine in the treasure trove of La Vallon des Auffes – a tiny harbour sneakily tucked underneath a crazy busy coast road, enjoy endless cups of tea and chat with Heather, jam with John, see people from my church and speak French til I barf!!!

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Day seven

The whirring of the mechanics of the printer as it produces a physical copy of a document you’ve spent the day typing. Satisfaction of accomplishment. The beauty of a perfectly printed sheet of paper.

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