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A liberating if not a little scary conversation.  Thankful for friendship and its potential.  A table quiz with my Fellowship Group – good banter.

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The joy of praying with someone who had experienced a real encounter with God.

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All the 3s

I’ve been really enjoying my Fellowship Group – they’re a bouncy bunch!  I’m really thankful I get this opportunity to be a part of the Relay conferences.  I love seeing the growth of the UK and Irish volunteers over the year and I’m looking forward to it all.

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An unexpected turnaround in someone’s approach to conversation.  A real answer to prayer.

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Getting to play piano during worship.

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Getting a lift to the conference venue rather than a bus and two trains!  Welcoming the Irish Relay Workers and a reunion with a friend I hadn’t seen for a year.

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Ok, whose idea was this stoopid 365 thing?!?  And why did they not think about the fact that sometimes people might be away?!?

Anyway… Prepare yourselves… this may be booooooooring!

So, Bank Holiday Monday… Not a scooby what I did except maybe packing a bag.  But I guess days’ off work are alway something to be grateful for!

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