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Hmmm… Reading a great book and then strolling along the beach, paddling through the sea.  There was a point where when I looked out I could just see blue-green sea meeting grey sky in a beautiful infinity-kind of way.  Twenty minutes after getting into the car, the heavens opened and it poured for the next 3 hours!!!  Glad I caught the calm.


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After a successful Soiree Francaise (ooh – where I won a chocolate bar with chilli!), I was leaving my spoils in the car and looked back at the church… all lit up and buzzing.  It was great – I’d love to see our wee church a bit more like that more often.

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Aaahhh… (contented sigh) Just wrote a great big letter to a friend.  Very therapeutic.  At least for me!

I should also have said that I got to eat dinner in the Ramore for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Some days you have think about 365 moments, not just because it was a hard day, but just because you don’t notice them as they happen.  But today, I felt a true ‘365 moment’ and knew it immediately.  Nothing major nor complicated nor particularly deep… but as I walked down the path towards the sun-kissed beach (Beach Day no 5. in a row!!!) with a chocolate waffle cone topped with mint choc chip ice cream in my hand, a book in my bag and the prospect of a sunny snooze, I felt that 365ness-bounce in the step.

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Beach Day no 4. What a busy but great day!

A church service followed by lunch, followed by a Beach baptism (well, 3 really) then back to church for a bbq then a prayer and praise time.

I was struck by what beautiful beaches we have on the North Coast, and apart from the baptisms, I think my favourite part was jumping over the waves with ‘the dude’.  Very, very cute – even if my back did start to spasm!

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2 99s please

Beach Day no 3.  Getting to celebrate Noondy’s birthday on her actual birthday for perhaps the first time in years was pretty cool.

Honey oven-roasted sausages… yum yum yum (even if I do say so myself!)

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Beach Day no 2. Today I loved the feeling of Castlerock smooth sand between my toes.  I only got about 30 mins of beachtime before the rain started, but nevertheless, I’m determined to make the most of my coastal location more often.

Good conversation with a friend who thinks as deeply, if not more deeply than I.  I love the process of understanding people, knowing people…

I’m glad to find myself happy to have the house to myself this evening.

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A wee walk on the beach with a great mate who is fun and challenging to be around.  Teaching returning students about the Lordship of Christ and see them begin to respond.

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Meeting the team from France who have come to serve my church.  It’ll be really interesting to see what its like to receive a team and chat some French!

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Catching up with a student who’s about to head off to France for her placement.  Introducing her to a collegue and enjoying the banter with both of them.

Also, good chat with him over lunch.  Real glad to get to know him better.

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