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Having been so lucky as to have been placed in accomodation with a real bed and only 3 people to shower, waking up was a happy business!

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Arriving in Paris.  I love International travel – especially in France!

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A super-long lie-in and a last wee shopping trip with mumsie.  I nabbed some of my aunt’s vintage button collection and will be customising some of my clothes in the next wee while!  I spent about an hour tonight sifting through a million buttons and remembered that I used to do the very same thing as a kid to amuse myself while I waited on mum to pick me up after her work.

A movie which I can’t even remember (it was that  good) then dinner at Nando’s with my lovely friend Noondy who was looking lovely under a pale yellow brolly.


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Another day off work which entailed a leisurely road trip to Dublin to have dinner with collegues for one of them who is leaving.

I loved spending this time together, I love P and I’ll miss him A LOT.  He’s like the brother I never had and I’m gutted he’s leaving.  So, really this 365 is bittersweet as I’m so sad he’s going, but SOOOOO thankful to have met and worked with such an inspiring, Jesus-like guy.

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A day off work – always a good thing!

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Another older, wiser friend from church to add to my hall of ‘fame’.  Thought it would be a nice polite chat over scones but I ended up bawling my eyes out.  How that is a good thing, I’m not sure.  I guess that she was ready and willing to encourage me and hear me out.

Also, my last supervision with my Relay Worker… He bought me chocolate and coffee… the perfect gift!  He was kinda pleased with himself about it, too.  How cute! 🙂

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(You can’t believe I’m actually updating this, can you?!?)

A great evening with my church homegroup including a chocolate fountain (after an amusing mishap or two with Elmlea and a spatula on the floor…).

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A good, solid productive-feeling day at work.

A gladness for Smoothstones’s carpet cleaner after I spilt tea over their cream carpet.  D’oh…  Also, greatfulness that she was willing to help me think constructively about some stuff.

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An unexpected, most generous gift from a lovely couple in my church.

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Today I went to a ‘Saltshaker Conference in Ballymena with a couple of students.  I particularly enjoyed meeting the mother of one of them and encouraging her about the maturity I have seen her son gain over the past 18 months.

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