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Slowly by slowly I’m getting through a stupidly busy week and I’m thankful that my tasklist is almost accomplished.

(However, I am blatantly procrastinating right now for something pretty important for tomorrow…!)

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Seeing a school of porpoises (or “purtles”) gallavanting just off the coastline the house I was in.  Wow.  Did NOT know we had such varied  and exciting marine life on the North Coast of Ireland!

Strangley I enjoyed a wee jaunt down the road to Swords!  I was all ranty and chatty and loving the car conversation.  Not sure my fellow passengers felt the same, however…!

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The kick off of another year’s CU summer planning.  Being part of the process, seeing student leaders get excited and brimming with potential, having them really get what IFESi does to the point of supporting us financially.  Legends.

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Seeing my friend from work experiencing a bit of ‘my small corner’ and how my students reacted to him. 

Not a bad day back to work, but so glad to be about to hit the sack.

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Being on holiday! 

Somewhere in the past 9 days these cool things also happened…

Sunbathing (between clouds), stroking a live parrot, good food and drink, great conversations about life and love and lipstick (and the like), karaoke, not being the ones who broke the karaoke machine, beaches, sea paddling, handsome men, a great shower, haribo, telly, a new realisation of much-needed grace, childhood secrets revealed, oranges, tacky shops, not-so-tacky shops, fun and laughter on our summer holiday…………

But then today, I’m thankful for miraculously and conveniently waking up at 6.30am (an hour before airport transfer pickup) to discover that I’d actually set the alarm for 15 mins after the scheduled pick-up time.  So we made it to the airport after all!

Finishing off an intriguing book – a contented end to holiday reading.

Dinner and good chat with my mum.

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Being on holiday!

A ‘Last Supper’ of sweet and sour chicken and crispy duck in a chinese restaurant overlooking the beach.

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Being on holiday!

Noondy might laugh at me (and my hymnbook collecting!!!), but I loved very randomly playing piano for the English service of a local Portuguese church!  There were just 7 of us (including preacher and wife) and there was no-one to play so I ended up volunteering.  Kind of an honour to be part of a service I wasn’t sure I wanted to attend in the first place.  It was laid-back and inspiring…

Remembering St Peter was a numpty just like me and finding great hope.

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