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Not that today was bad – but the best feeling of thankfulness I had today was as I sat down on my sofa at 11pm and realised that it (and the forward part of this week) was over.

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Clarity.  The power of prayer.

Dinner with Noondy – roll on holiday 2008!

Back to my wee bed in Coleraine.

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The chance to reflect on the journey of a student’s faith right under my eyes!

Trying on my holiday clothes!  Only 3 weeks to go…

A healing, freeing chat til stupid o’clock.

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Lunch with my housemate – feels like forever since we talked.

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The 2nd night of my church’s 20-30s group.  Great food and good banter much needed and much appreciated.

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What a great way to start back to work – having a ‘quiet day’ with my northern colleagues (in the sense that they work in the north – just to clarify, Karen!).

It was also great to arrive home properly and clamber into my own wee bed in Coleraine. Zzzzzzzz…

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A completely relaxed day spent in the Montmartre part of Paris – sunbathing, reading, taking photos, praying in the famous Sacre Coeur… Not to mention some beautiful harp music:

A long-awaited Salade Nicoise with the best bread I’ve tasted in years.

Bed after walking a million miles around Paris AND Charles de Gaulle airport.

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