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182 – Half way through!

Flip, can’t believe it – I started this gig 6 months ago.  Can that be right?!  OKay I’ve another half post to go to be half of 365, and technically because of the leap year, tomorrow will actually be the half way mark, but… yeah.

I’ve been glad for the outlet that this little ritual provides.  I’ve also enjoyed the journeys of the others who’ve joined me (is it bad that I can no longer remember if that’s the correct spelling of the plural of journey?!?).  It reminds me that I’m not alone and that grace is about more than just me.

Incidentally, a moment I particularly enjoyed today was watching the craft of “Get Cape.  Wear Cape.  Fly.” (if you haven’t heard of them, you soon will!) from the vantage point of standing one metre from the stage.  Also – watching the VERY loud, VERY heavy, VERY not-my-scene support band made me chuckle at my pretending to be interested and ‘with-it’ a la middle aged mother…


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A church that serves Toffipops has gotta be a great place…

I enjoyed the time and space a drive home from Dublin (and a pit stop in Belfast) afforded to think, soul-search and listen to a talk on Galatians: ‘Preach the gospel and stop nagging people to try harder…’

Actually, this past few days has also brought a sense of reconciliation with a friend from a few years back where there had been a weird feeling of ‘we’ve-had-a-fight-but-actually-we-never-did’ before.  Glad that, at least in this one situation, I feel a little more grown up.

 And now? 


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The end of a successful conference, an honest, reassuring – but not easy – chat and a fatboy

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I had forgotten how incredible e:con is – the excitement of passing on vision and seeing people get it, take it and prepare to run with it is so exciting!  I’m glad that a bunch of the students I work with  made it down.  I look forward to seeing them work together.

I was also grateful for a big double bed to sleep on rather than sofa cushions. Hurray for housemates that stay away a night here and there!

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Thursday – the kick off of our annual CU leaders’ training conference.  I was glad it was finally here and looked set to be much less complicated than anticipated.

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Heh heh heh… Writing this with several days’ worth of retrospect, I still giggle at the giddiness present when I arrived (well, after a brief spate of the grumps, eh soapie??  Awk, he was sick – we’ll forgive him.) in the office this avo.  There was a bit of stress over manual printing and last minute conference things, but it gave way to chuckles about some rather unbecoming content on our website’s forums.  No point checking them out now – all is sorted, but MY did we laugh…!

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For the ability to make and enjoy nachos (with jalopenos et al.), for the art of poetry and expression, for the truth that I DO have friends, even when they’re all busy and can’t come out to play… for all this I am thankful.

That, and the Gilmore Girls.

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A rather random day spent with friends from my home church.  I love how much I can see one guy in particular has grown into himself – more confidence and banter and even a rather shocking comment during a rather last-minute Murder Mystery Dinner.

We took a walk down at Antrim Forum and the weather was incredible – one minute sun, the next minute snow!  Strangley lovely.  I enjoyed shafts of sunlight filtering through trees to fall on an old burial ground and a blossoming cherry tree tucked in amongst other non-flowering trees – picture book images of a beautiful world.

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An unexpected but much hoped-for Sunday lunch invite.  So grateful for others’ hospitality.

Then my bestest friend came up and booked our hollerday to the Algarve!  Roll on sunshine…

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Some exciting chat about a friend’s developing romance.

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