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Its kind of ridiculous, but somehow walking along the Giant’s Causeway being almost lifting off my feet by the wind and being smacked in the face by hail and snow was the greatest thing in a while!  What a day, what weather, what a place to live!

A dinner of fajitas cooked by someone else’s fair hand, some banter with church folk and then the return of my housemate.

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The arrival of two colleagues to my ‘patch’.  A dinner in one of my favourite restaurants.  Chat, banter and a glimpse of what’s ahead.

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Waking up in said house.  More grand piano.  Using their jumbo shower-headed shower – like showering in the rain, only hot.  Except then it went cold and then it was really just like showering in the rain.  Enjoyable experience nonetheless!

A leisurely morning spent with my housemate, talking about ridiculous things like car colours and perfume smells as if they were important.

I actually had to wipe away tears during Bible study with small group leaders today – not because of any particularly profound Biblical truth they unearthed… But because I was overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude and pride in how far they’d come, how dedicated they’ve been and how much they are embodying community as they learn and grow together.  Legends.

The jigsaw puzzle of new leaders.  I love seeing it come together…

All topped off with my first packet of Walkers’ Worchester Sauce crisps in DONKEYS!

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Discovering that the family who run the coffee shop that has become my office are Christians and are delighted that we’re using it to study the Bible in.  The guy’s courage to ask what passage we were studying and his curiosity about the CU – encouraging!

The return to “legenDerry” – seeing the potential of a student leader and having a petrol attendant ‘fil er up’ – the car that is, not the student.  I HATE putting petrol in my car.  Lazy bum.

I also loved the chance to have a nosey around the house of a local business owner as my housemate was house-sitting for them.  Grand piano.  Nuff said.

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Arriving at the office to be told there was an ‘exciting’ package for me… I had NO idea why I had received a copy of some random journal from America until I was flicking through it and discovered they had used one (or rather two) of my photos and credited me!  Not only that but it was a picture (or, like I said – two pictures) of MY hands!  I’m like Joey – a hand model!  Hurrah!  I’ll be famous yet…

A busy, but satisfying day, mostly thanks to it being rounded off with an afternoon coffee and conversation which energised, not drained.

I drove to my exercise class content to be going and enjoyed a moment of humour as I watched 20 or so ladies punching and kicking in time to music: pretentious at best and blooming ridiculous at worst – the only one who manages to look cool doing it is the instructor.  The rest of us are just fooling ourselves!  But at least we’re in it together…

It would appear I was in the mood to analyse everything, as I also had a chuckle with my exercise friend over the fact that I think we might be perceived as the bad girls at the back who chat and giggle throughout ‘cool down’.

The rest of the evening was spent snuggled up in ‘my’ cosy wee living room (sorry dm!) navel-gazing with my laptop on my knee and laughing out loud at the episode of friends where Rachel puts mince beef in a trifle.  Grrrrrrreat!  My only whine is that I miss my housemate who’s house-sitting for someone else this week – but I’m thankful I have a housemate who is worthy to be missed!

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Student Sunday seemed to go really well today.  Its great to expose churches to students and vice-versa!  Each always end up excited by the enthusiasm of the other and its generally lovely.  Hanging out with some students after who I hadn’t really spent much time with before was great too.  A sunny day on the coast being enjoyed by lots of people in a very holiday-time atmosphere was grrrrrrreat too!

A girly pampering and early to bed.

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A breakfast with someone from church who I don’t currently know very well but hope to get to know.  Encouraged by her enthusiasm to chat and an unnoticed two hours passing.

I have been so productive in the last 24 hours that I’m incredibly proud of myself!  I’ve tidied my room, done three loads of washing, vacuumed and washed floors, done some shopping, seen my mum…  Actually probably for your average person that isn’t particularly surprising, but for me that is impressive.  Maybe I am a grown up (aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh)!!!

I got an email this avo from a friend I met in the summer.  It reminded me about how much empathy can help and how amazing it is that God is gracious and accepts us not because we’re any good, but because Jesus is.  I guess it strikes me just now that that really isn’t just a self-abasing ‘good Christian’ comment, but that actually sometimes my motives are just plain CRAP and there’s no hiding it.  Its also just nice that we’ve kept in touch!

And on a similar note… an evening spent in front of the telly having a good ole slagging sesh… 😉

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