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(Eh, so the students were only 25 mins late – the rest of the blame was on traffic.  I stand corrected.)

Conversation, conversation, conversation.  Dreaming dreams, discussing realities; theorising, categorising, somethingelse-ising.  Great.

The indoors when outside is so manky.

Seeing awesome potential in an already so competent student leader… Looking forward to hearing how his life proceeds.  Listening to him speak of truth and hope: so convinced, so passionate… inspiring.

Having my butt (which apparently looks like its doing its job) saved by friends, neighbours and church family-members all from one house!

I am thankful for today.


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I do NOT understand why when students were meeting at 4pm 5 miles away, it took them until 4.45 to get to my house.  So, whilst I could be positive and say it made me happy that I could sneak a peek at my facebook, it still drove me barmy.

HOWEVER…!  I love this part of my job.  Doing a subsequent training session with small group leaders and seeing them talk about stuff like they came up with it, but knowing that really it came from training session one.  Being reassured they’re learning and growing.

The satisfaction of a job well done and the prospect of an early night.


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Not having to drive to Derry (I love it, but just not tonight!).  A mass-eef feed cooked by my Neen’s fair hands.  A post-dinner walk, game of scrabble and room tidy.  Getting into bed in a tidy room!

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Catching up with a friend from church.  A good chat with my Dad.  Several bargains from Primark!  Coming home to Coleraine.  Making it to my exercise class (I did NOT enjoy the actual class though!).  Butternut Squash.

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Steak, medium-rare and a power nap in Wetherspoons!

Pottering round the shops with no pressure to hurry or buy or even look.  Just hangin out with my buddy, Hops, and dreaming dreams about a holiday in June…!

Getting to the airport, I was actually knackered, feet killing, no energy… So, a chilled mango smoothie and feet up in Costa Coffee through security was bliss.

A completely unexpected conversation on the plane.  Flew with bmi who allocate seats – someone from the year above me in school was allocated the seat next to mine.  I didn’t want to have to be sociable at all, but God had obviously ordained it, because we had such a great chat about Jesus and how his lordship is good!  The guy on the aisle was ear-y-wigging which annoyed me at first, but then I didn’t care!

My own-own bed at home-home and the prospect of a relative lie-in!

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A general sense of contentment about a good week of learning, teaching and laughing.

Staying with a friend in Birmingham – a night relaxing at the cinema, eating leftover homemade curry and exploring my friend’s home of the past two years.

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TWO jaunts off-site (the real world does still go on while I’m at a conference!) to a chintzy lil coffee shop in very pretty Ledbury.  Yep… the same coffee shop twice in the space of 4 hours!  Great chilled out chats with staff and fellowship group to boot.

I led the ‘Look Listen Learn’ session this afternoon: a chance for RWs to reflect and respond to all they’ve been learning.  The pleasure of finding songs that just capture the direction of the session – a difficult taks at times!  I love, love, LOVE helping people engage with that kind of thing, so it was a pleasure to lead and a joy to get a sense of and feedback which said ‘mission accomplished’.

I can’t for the life of me remember what happened this evening (bearing in mind I’m actually writing this four days after I say I am!), but I do remember that as a staff team we had a grrrrreat meeting afterwards just chatting and praying and then some great banter.  I’ve been so grateful to have a chance to hang out with people in very similar places in life to me!  I needed some perspective on life being fun!

Oh!  Actually I just remembered – the session was a call to use the training they’ve received to serve God whole-heartedly… I have stuff to think about!  But also, then got to just ‘jam’ for a little bit and enjoy singing and playing.  Yeo!

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I loved playing piano and singing with the praise ‘band’ this week – all the better for actually having a monitor and being able to hear if I’m playing the right notes!

Seeing how much one of my group members has grown in the past semester in terms of leading Bible Studies.  Cool to see the training so clearly working!

Attending the girls’ talk and hearing some helpful real-life stuff clearly and honestly addressed.

Karaoke!!  I never expected the standard to be so high!  The staff’s performance meant I had an excuse to don a pencil skirt and neckscarf (to clarify: and a top… this is Relay training after all.) and strut around in heels.  Awesome.  The Irish ‘pulled a weaker’ and did a grrrrreat job!  We definitely deserved a higher score, but I graciously allowed my fellowship group dole out our points to their regions.  One of whom later changed his mind to give another region his region’s points because they hadn’t received any points yet!  Awww… very lovely until that region got another two points, leaving IFES Ireland in last place.  Flippin’ gracious people…honestly.  We soooooo deserved more points…  Great night – I laughed and laughed and laughed!  My cheeks hurt by the end of the evening and I needed it!

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A day spent as ‘poor’ in a real-life example of world poverty.  I woke up to nothing more than a bowl of porridge and a prospect of nothing but a bread roll and a baked potato for the rest of the day.  It was kind of fun in a weird way.  I kind of enjoyed watching how the ‘rich’ and ‘medium’ people tried to ease our ‘poverty’ but having the satisfaction of being able to say no!  Not at all what the exercise was meant to teach, I’m sure, but I felt a weird sense of ‘I don’t want your charity’ which I’m sure I wouldn’t have felt if it was real life poverty, but I suppose I have a better undersrtanding of ‘give a man a fish and feed him for a day, give him the means to catch a fish and he’ll feed his family for a lifetime’.

A little nap on the sofa with the buzz of people around me.  Hardly sociable, but I love that sleepy feeling!

A chance to chat with a friend from uni and find out for myself how she’s changed.

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A HUUUUUGE sugh of relief on finding my brand new ‘lost’ ipod which I feared I’d left on a train.

A good first Bible Study with my fellowship group – we were much more relaxed than back in September and it was good to hear how they’d been doing in the interim.

Enjoying good chats with some English Staff and hearing how they do things differently and wondering if it’d work in my context.

We had some great teaching on what the gospel is.  So often we make it a very narrow thing based on us, rather than an all-encompassing message about God.  “Jesus is Lord” – how true and how liberating!  I’d rather serve a Lord who loves me than success, popularity and image: cruel masters at best.  A lot to think about but so practical and simple (to grasp, not apply!).

‘Heresy-hunting’ with my fellowship group! Lol…

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