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A lazy afternoon tucked up on the sofa with hot water bottle and blanket watching the latest Harry Potter flick.  Discovering a box of Thornton’s Continental in my mum’s fridge.  The illicit thrill of stolen chocolate…


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A late afternoon hair appointment in which I could actually describe what I wanted done with my hair.  Felt pretty proud of myself for being hairstyle-articulate!  Also, I’ve finally found a hairdresser who’s through-the-mirror chit-chat doesn’t make me want to crawl under a perming machine and dye (hehehehe… sorry).  Though that makes it sound like its been a lifelong quest to find my ideal stylist – it hasn’t been.  So I walked out of the salon with feelings of a new friendship formed, a sleek barnett and – most importantly – clutching a scrap of paper with the name of the hotel in London where Take That will be staying…

After that, a spot of early evening shopping – my town is lovely when its quiet.  Though the Christmas music blasting through the speakers was more Nightmare on Elm St than Miracle on 34th… 

Getting dolled up to the nines to go to a birthday party.  I love it when you can get dressed up when you’re actually in the mood to do so!

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I met two staff who are leading CU groups in the local FHE colleges.  It was just an ordinary meeting until I heard the story of a girl who turned up to the very first meeting of the CU…

The leader had her agenda for the meeting, but God’s was otherwise: this girl, who happens to be blind, was asking questions about what a Christian is etc.  So, the leader started explaining but the girl wasn’t completely satisfied until she knew how to do it: “Can you pray the prayer on your own in your bedroom?  What do you say?”  In the end, the leader prayed a prayer of repentance with this girl and included words of recommitment for anyone else who was listening!

People who just ask those kind of questions without fear of judgement are refreshing, and enlighten the rest of us to the things we assume everyone knows and understands.

Sitting in a cosy coffee shop hearing stories like that as it grows darker outside.  Love it.

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An evening with friends…

Popcorn, chocolate and lashings of Stardust and a healthy dose of Take That over the credits.  A feast of fajitas and then lazing on the sofa with coffee and cookies.

Somehow I think this morning’s second swim this week is rather cancelled out by the junk.  But today – I didn’t care.

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Nifty fifty

Coffee and cinnamon scones in my favourite coffee shop (high praise from someone who does that sort of thing on a daily basis).

I also heard about one of those things that goes on in our world that we are ignorant of but that could have endless chuckle-factor.  One of my students told me about Sealand – an old WW2 off-shore landing strip that was claimed by some bloke and turned into an independant country.  Mad.

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49 – 7 weeks!


Swimming!  I went swimming!  I almost had to be bodily forced into the leisure centre, but once I was in the pool it felt sooooo good.  Then I arrived home to make dinner and still felt like a had a whole evening to chill out.  It was so good.

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So, in my church they have a coffee break in the middle of the service.  Great idea.  Not so great idea is throwing your own coffee over two thirds of your lovely bright pink top and trousers.  Sorry – just the top was bright pink.  Not the trousers.  That would be ridiculous.  Now, obviously that’s not a highlight per se, but it was pretty funny.  Particularly because in the first half I, in my bright pink glory, was singing with the praise band but dashed home to change after the spillage, and sang in the second half of church wearing a black top!  I’m certain some people thought I was just being a Diva!!! Hahahahahahaha…!

Might do it next time too – just for the craic. 

Music practice in the avo was a lot of fun – we were singing carols and I was getting excited about Christmas!  Music is a great gift.  I like it a lot – whether I’m part of making it or not I don’t care.  But that I can be part of it is even better.

Then hanging out with people from church – I better write something nice as I know she reads this… ;).  Just kidding – it really was a highlight because it makes me feel like I really am getting settled on the North Coast and that feels good.

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