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Thirty Already??

I got to read a bedtime story (well, 3!) to a freshly showered, pyjama-ed and dressing-gowned snuggly 3 year old.  Being the baby of my family, I never got that opportunity and so appreciate it now.  Before you think I’m getting all broody, I have to say that I was also thankful that I’m not there just yet.  Still faaaaaaar too selfish!

Also enjoyed the “I’m addicted to blogworld” banter with Colin and Joanna after the kiddies had gone to bed.  And going home with two fresh novels to read.


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Perhaps the trickiest thing about 365ing (yes, I now declare it to be a verb), is not to judge the mediocre just mediocre.  Like, to not get stuck with the face that “Had a great chat with a good friend” has appeared several times already in just a month’s blogging.  Because (and I know you shouldn’t start a sentence with ‘because’) I guess that’s the point isn’t it – that just because something happens a lot we often ignore the fact that its cool.  And so in 365ing we’re throwing that concept out the window and boldly declaring that the everyday stuff is something to be treasured.

So… Had a great chat with a good friend.  Allow me, this time, to elaborate…  An English girl who’s applying for Relay and is vaguely considering coming to Ireland to do it.  Okay, its early days but you never know.  And even if she doesn’t come here, I’ll still get to see her at Relay conferences next year.  That’s what I’m glad about today.

I do feel a little intimidated by the traffic that’s coming by this 365, but if it encourages others to seek out living details in a work of art, then I’m happy about that too.

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Coming home after a satisfying day at work, I headed out grocery shopping and there were LOTS of half price bargains.  Is that sad?!  Sometimes half price offers are only on minging things like anchovy-stuffed olives or black bean stir fry sauces with prawns (yuck!), but it was all good stuff like fresh egg noodles and fajita packs etc!  So, that has made my 365 for today.

However, probably better is that my housemate and I had great chats over dinner and dishes.  Like, who cares about doing dishes when there’s good conversation going on?!  I am sooo thankful for good housemates!

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A ‘Hearty Lunch’ with my adopted church family. There was a lovely warm atmosphere that comes from long term friendship.  I’m looking forward to becoming more and more part of that.  Plus – the soup was AMAZING.

Later on I snuggled down onto the sofa and watched some Party of Five.  The house was so cosy and yummily snug!

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Waking up after a night’s sleep with a hot water bottle – having not woken up cold in the middle of the night!  Fresh bread – picked up still warm from the oven.  Finding an excuse for buying flowers: Happy “its been a while” Day!  Discovering another friend has also begun a 365 journey.  Feeling like a Northern Irish Trailblazer…

Ooooooo! PLUS… I get an extra hour in bed thanks to the genius who invented Daylight Savings. 

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This may be shallow (and rather early in the day to post this -its only 5pm), but the highlight of my day is that my friend Sam started a 365 blog!!!!!  yeeeeeeeeeeoooooo!!!!!

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I spent the whole day at my desk today writing a prayer letter.  It took as long as I imagined it would but it was great because it gave me an excuse to reminisce about a great summer.  The menial task of creating email distribution lists got completed too.  General feelings of productivity are always good!

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twenty and three

Revelling in the decision to buy pizza for 13 people rather than spend the day cooking and doing dishes.  I like making good decisions.

Announcing to a knackered group of CU leaders that the ‘important team building exercise’ they’d come to work at, involved nothing more than playing ‘Buzz’ (quiz game) on the PS2!  I also love that actually it did build the feeling of being a team!

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twenty and two

I spent time catching up on some long overdue journalling.  Journalling is a great thing.  You should do it. I was out walking and randomly burst into a run down a lil hilly bit of the path.  It was great – I just didn’t care about what people thought, I wanted to run down it and did.  So, now I’m not caring what people think and just writing about it!  Felt like being a kid again!

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twenty and one

Walked along Portstewart Strand tonight and chatted with a friend.  This was great for several reasons…

1. Walking a pitch-dark beach at night on your own may be fun, but its not smart.  So, I’ve not done it in a while.

2. The weather was kinda that mix between mild and brisk, where you’ve been smart enough to wear ample clothing and so feel warm, but not too sweaty from the exercise AND the wind is blowing enough to whip your hair back from your face without freezing your nose to the point of being unaware of drippage.

3. I got the chance to get to know more about my friend (who I also hadn’t seen in a while).

4. I got to tell the full story of my busy-but-incredibly-fun-etc summer, thus sharing the joy and reminding myself of it!

5. I was reminded of the privilege of living on the North Coast.

So, that was all good – and actually maybe even better because it sprang from an afternoon where I felt totally stressed out.

All topped off with the cherry of quality time with housemates.

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